Daktronics announces the latest advancement in digital billboard technology, the DB-5000 series. This innovative series sets a new image quality standard, couples it with industry-leading performance and reliability, all while lowering overall cost of ownership. The DB-5000 comes paired with Daktronics new, cutting-edge control solution for out of home (OOH) advertising, the Venus Control Suite.

Daktronics industry experience and close vendor relationships brings a groundbreaking advancement in digital billboard technology. By collaborating with the leading manufacturer of LEDs, Daktronics new DB-5000 incorporates an LED for the industry that optimizes light output and precisely targets viewers, allowing them to experience advertising the way it was intended.

"Delivering designs that incorporate our customer's feedback and the latest technology has always been our development focus," said Lori Sieler, product manager at Daktronics. "The DB-5000 series leverages new LEDs that build on our commitment to deliver the highest image quality and display uniformity."

Daktronics digital billboard customers can expect an increase in display contrast, whiter whites, noticeably enhanced images, messages that "pop" and reduced power consumption.

The success of digital billboards is being recognized all around the world. A recent Nielsen study shows that 75 percent of travelers have noticed a digital billboard in the past month and that OOH spending increased by 5.1 percent in 2014.

"You don't see a major roadway without a display anymore," said Collin Huber, digital billboard sales manager at Daktronics. "Looking better than the competition increases advertising sales and profitability."

DB-5000 features include:

  • An LED for the industry
  • Cloud managed networking and security
  • Browser-based software
  • Front and rear billboard access
  • Integrated SmartLink remote power control
  • Three proprietary methods of calibration

The new control solution for the DB-5000, the Venus Control Suite, delivers an all-in-one, easy-to-use business solution for OOH operators. Designed for mobile use, this control solution helps increase revenue with access to Daktronics exclusive scheduling model.

Venus display management controls digital billboards, regardless of manufacturer, through a secure, web-based experience that allows users to operate from anywhere, on any device.

Venus features include:

  • Designed for mobile
  • Drag-and-drop scheduling
  • Live display views
  • Playlists for every occasion

"Building on years of customer feedback, we researched and designed a control solution that is tailored to the OOH user," said Jessie Koch, Daktronics product manager.

A number of Daktronics customers received a sneak peak of Venus Control Suite before launch.

"Venus Control Suite has everything a digital billboard operator needs to do their job," said Aaron Wyant, scheduler for O2 Media. "It is intuitive and straightforward, from setting up clients, uploading content to auto scaling and resizing content in the correct aspect ratio. Venus saves me time, and I use it on the go, from anywhere, on my mobile devices."