G2E booth number: 2030

StylGame is specialized in the design and production of gaming industry products.

Its Royal Stool line of products changes the function of the accessories related to gaming from simple furnishings to sophisticated components that increase the income of the gaming hall.

Play in Comfort is the revolutionary patented ergonomic system, the result of scientific research carried out by StylGame on the use of the slot machines in 2008. Play in Comfort incorporates a combination of seat and support base that offers maximum comfort to the player.

NOT ONLY SEATS: StylGame product line includes a vast choice of personalized accessories (tables, ashtrays, menu card holders, illuminated panels and more) which can satisfy any requirement in ergonomics, combined with design and style.

Thanks to their in-depth knowledge of gaming and significant ongoing investment, each StylGame product is carefully researched and developed to enhance the players gaming experience.