Enterprises are moving away from traditional, physical and hardware-implemented security solutions to a more agile and virtualized platform for network traffic management. This trend has become highly apparent for SMEs (small and medium enterprises) and small offices. For entry-level enterprise security, Lanner has introduced its new RISC desktop platform MR-328, designed with cavium octeon CPU to support DPI, virtualization and multiple I/Os.
MR-328 is driven by cavium octeon III CN7010, a high-performance RISC CPU designed with the sole purpose for enterprise network security. Under the RISC architecture, the integrated SoC processor delivers deep packet inspection (DPI), virtualization supports and low power consumption. The CPU design is definitely an ideal hardware acceleration for entry-level enterprise security needs.
Empowered by the integrated SoC, MR-328 offers a rich set of I/O connectivity, including 6 RJ-45 LAN ports with 2 pairs of LAN bypass, one RJ-45 console port, one SD card socket, one mini-PCIe expansion slot, and one SATA 2.5” HDD/SSD drive bay. Deployment wise, MR-328comes in compact form factor with dimensions of 231mm x 44mm x 200mm, as well as fanless design, allowing it to be easily implemented in enterprise office, retail and factory settings.
MR-328 offers comprehensive edge-security with high cost-effectiveness. For details, please visit our official website.

Desktop Network Processing Appliance for SMB Firewall or entry-level enterprise UTM.

  • l  Cavium Octeon III® CN7010 800 MHz processor
  • l  Supports hardware acceleration / virtualization
  • l  Onboard 6 x GbE RJ45 switch ports
  • l  Supports 2 pairs of LAN bypass
  • l  Supports onboard DDR3 2GB memory
  • l  1 x Mini-PCIe
  • l  Fanless design