Gaming Laboratories International is proud to announce that the company is now accepting Nevada submissions for skill-based gaming due to the regulatory changes as a result of Nevada Legislature of Senate Bill 9 (SB9).

The Nevada Gaming Commission approved modifications to Nevada Gaming regulations 4, 6 and 14 to accommodate SB9, including changes to Regulation 14 that permits skill-based gaming.

According to the Nevada Assembly Committee on Judiciary, SB9 was introduced to enable “the continued growth and success of the gaming industry in the state of Nevada, which depends on the fostering of a business and regulatory environment that promotes continued advances in the use of technology in gaming, which improves the entertainment experience, encourages innovation, and supports expansion of the domestic technology sector of the economy of this state.”

SB9 states that the Nevada Gaming Commission will adopt regulations which encourage manufacturers to develop and deploy gaming devices that incorporate innovative, alternative and advanced technology. Games can now be developed and submitted for approval within Nevada that implement physical skill, dexterity, knowledge and strategy, and awards can be paid accordingly, allowing greater flexibility in payout percentages. Previously, games were required to base outcomes on chance with the player having no ability to influence the end result.

GLI’s vice president of global services Ian Hughes said, “This is an exciting time, and our engineers and mathematicians are prepared for the adoption that occurred today to meet the industry needs and play our role in ensuring product compliance. Nobody can fully anticipate the type of gaming products that we may see on a gaming floor in Nevada as the regulations open the door to all types of skills and hybrid games. GLI will work closely with the industry and the Gaming Control Board to ensure compliance.”

Regulation 14 amendment is backed by the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers (AGEM) and the industry. The regulation allows slot machines to incorporate skill-based gaming, arcade-style elements, hybrid games and other unique features and advanced technologies to the casino floor.