Watching “the game” is about to change forever. iPro, Inc., a new mobile gaming technology company, is placing its bet on the more than 40 million players of fantasy sports by bringing football fans the very first gaming experience to offer play-by-play sports prediction based on dynamic odds with ringit!.  
Founded by a well-known and seasoned leadership team from the casino, social and sports video gaming industries, iPro is hoping to completely change the armchair quarterback experience. The company's launch of ringit!, early in the season, will invite players to compete in real time, by predicting the next play, drive or game while watching live NFL football games.
Will the next play end in a first down, touchdown or turnover?  With ringit!, mobile players will be able to make predictions about touchdown or turnover, each and every play, whether a team will run or pass, a player’s performance, overall results after every snap, and more – and it all happens in real time as NFL games take place.

"Real-time, play-by-play predictions with dynamic odds have never been achieved before, but I'm just as excited about the flexibility of this platform," explains Robert Melendres, founder & CEO of iPro. "Our platform is designed to offer social, fantasy and sports betting gameplay within a single app and with the ability to switch modes automatically based on the user's location and the laws of that jurisdiction. This is a monumental accomplishment, and the platform has been awarded a United States patent on this real time interactive prediction with several more pending that protect that achievement."

Players will be able to invite and make picks against their friends for fun using virtual chips, and in the future play against the field for cash prizes (in territories where it is authorized). iPro’s exclusive, patented technology can give players more than 15,000 pick opportunities in every NFL game, each with dynamically changing odds based on the game status, team tendencies, players on the field and more. 
“We’re changing the way people watch and enjoy football. With ringit!, fans are no longer passive viewers,” says David Ortiz, iPro’s chief product officer.  “It brings a rapid-fire intensity to the game that you just don’t get from other fantasy sports, and as a result, makes watching the game a competition itself. Whether making simple pass or run predictions, or going deep choosing from thousands of picks with odds that change dynamically as the game happens, ringit! brings a never-seen-before level of engagement for casual and hardcore fans alike.”