AGS, a leading supplier of Class II and Class III slot machines, live table games and social online games, announced that it has acquired critical intellectual property and technology to develop and manufacture card shufflers for casino table games. The specific details of the purchase are not disclosed; however, the Company expects the commercialization of its first single-deck poker shuffler to take place in 12 months or less, with plans to develop shufflers for blackjack and other game types in the near future. 
"The purchase of extensive card shuffler intellectual property is a game-changing addition to AGS' product universe and broadens the kind of solutions we provide for the pit," said John Hemberger, vicepPresident of table products. "It's been an exhilarating and fast-paced year for the table products division at AGS, with notable acquisitions of unique table game content, organic development of titles, and building a full-service tables team. The news further solidifies that we're very serious about expanding our library of solutions to become the preferred supplier for table products."
Since its inception a little over 12 months ago, the table products division has had an impressive trajectory, building a team of in-house resources which includes service, sales and development teams.  With over 700 table game units in the U.S., AGS has developed the reputation for providing an extraordinarily well-curated game library, superior customer rapport, and agility in its business dealings. 
Card shufflers improve efficiency on live card tables by increasing the speed of game play and protecting the integrity of the game. The Company intends to develop, manufacture, commercialize and market its poker shuffler in mid-2016, with other shuffler models to follow.