Tensator, the world leader in queue management solutions, announced the showcasing of its gaming industry specific Tensator Virtual Assistant, new branding and signage solutions, virtual queuing and deluxe velvet post and rope barrier collection at this year’s G2E 2015.  All of Tensator’s solutions are designed to help maximize customer flow and their access to information that will allow them to make the most of their gaming experience.
Tensator’s Gaming Industry Virtual Assistant delivers an incredible Wow Factor, bringing digital signage to life. The Tensator Virtual Assistant which creates the illusion of a real person, commands attention, rising above traditional signage with full video, audio and interactive engagement, providing information, recommendations, branding and guidance on demand.  The Tensator Virtual Assistant is completely customizable and can be anyone - from a celebrity updating patrons on their show or event, or a casino host providing patrons with a warm welcome, offering full information on activities, events and special food and drink offers.  The Tensator Virtual Assistant creates a point of difference rising above traditional forms of marketing, offering an engaging experience for guests to become fully immersed in the gaming experience.
Tensator also showcased:
·         Branding and signage solutions designed for the gaming industry that deliver high impact, eye-catching, portable signage options. 
·         Virtual Queuing solution that helps value patrons’ time by offering them the ability to get in a virtual line and be notified via their mobile device, self-service machine or online when they can be waited on.
·         In-Queue Merchandising that extend exciting possibilities for additional retail sales while patrons wait on checkout lines.
·         Tensator’s deluxe Velvet Post and Rope Barriers for a high-end, elegant solution that manages customer flow.  
”From high-tech digital signage to premium nostalgic elegance, Tensator helps manage the flow of gaming patrons, helping them better understand and take full advantage of all the opportunities and options they have,” said David Cohen, head of business development at Tensator Group. “Our innovative solutions deliver added-value by ensuring gaming patrons have up to date information on all their exciting options and that their time is valued so they can have the fullest gaming experience possible.”