Sport Integrity Monitor (SportIM), the world’s largest and most respected sports integrity company whose partners include the English Premier League, Euroleague Basketball and the Football Association, announced a partnership with Major League Baseball (MLB), the first for the company in North America. SportIM will work with MLB on a variety of initiatives to ensure that the integrity of MLB events remain beyond reproach in a fast-changing online global landscape.
With its cutting-edge technology based system, SportIM will monitor vast amounts of sports and wagering related data and statistics on behalf of MLB and report trends in real time. This new expanded monitoring program will help keep baseball at the forefront of security innovation as the global interest in baseball grows and fans in the United States and beyond move online to follow the action.
The new integrity partnership is an extension of MLB’s tough anti-corruption policy and its wide-ranging initiatives already in place. These proactive steps help to ensure that fans are always treated to a fair and transparent game, players have the utmost belief in having a winning mind-set, and league representatives are equipped with information and tools to maintain a clean, honest and exhilarating sport.
Dan Halem, chief legal officer of MLB, said: “Major League Baseball is pleased to work with Sport Integrity Monitor in this vital area, as this partnership will be an essential part of our initiatives to protect the game’s integrity. We look forward to making use of SportIM’s expertise and market-leading monitoring solutions in order to ensure that we have accurate and timely intelligence.” 
Mark Locke, CEO at SportIM, said: “We are proud to be able to begin the expansion of our business in North America and look forward to a long relationship with MLB. It is reassuring to know that forward thinking organisations such as MLB are actively taking steps on how to best safeguard their competitions and implement effective measures in this environment to prevent any issues.’’
Through its cutting-edge software capability, SportIM has an unmatched global view of regulated and unregulated wagering markets across international territories. Everyday, it monitors millions of live and pre-match odds across multiple sports with tailored software for each individual sport and events.