Despite all the talk about a cashless gaming future, in the here and now, casinos remain a very currency-heavy environment.

As such, gaming facilities of all genres and sizes are on constant watch for cash handling products and systems that can make the whole transaction process easier, efficient, cost effective and more secure. Businesses supplying these solutions were numerous at this year’s G2E; below you will find some of the products and news they were showcasing, organized by company.


Mount Prospect, Ill.-based Cummins Allison displayed a full range of currency and coin handling systems that address the ever-growing needs of the gaming industry. “Our products are primarily used in the back office operations areas where they are out of sight of patrons,” said Bob Gibson, vice president of branch operations for Cummins Allison. “They are built to be sustainable and offer operators year-in and year-out reliability and value.”

Front and center for the company was its JetScan iFX line of solutions that utilizes breakthrough imaging technology to sort, count and image tickets, check and currency with extreme accuracy, speed and efficiency, according to company press materials. Smaller, faster and more flexible than other sorters, this line offers desktop units with full ticket, check and currency processing and imaging on one machine. The iFX product line also includes flexible multi-pocket sorters with scalable horizontal and vertical configurations—up to17 pockets in some models.

“We design products with both large and small operators in mind,” Gibson said. “For example, the JetScan 150 currency scanner features a full pocket to stack processed bills as well as a half pocket for off-sorting bills that are questionable, and is a perfect solution for smaller properties. For bigger facilities, the JetScan iFX i400 multi-pocket currency sorter offers 17 pockets and in a single pass, bills are counted, identified and authenticated, as well as sorted.”

Meanwhile, Cummins Allison’s JetScan MPS currency sorters are designed to handle the high-volume processing demands of casino soft count rooms more quickly and efficiently than ever before—processing mixed currency and tickets at 1,000 documents per minute. All cash is denominated, faced, sorted and strapped; ticket barcodes are scanned and images are captured for archiving purposes.

The company also showcased its Money Machine 2 self-service coin counter, the only self-service coin machine to offer 16 sorted-bag capacity, making it easier to manage and transport coins. Money Machine 2 sorts coins by denominations in up to 16 high-volume bags, for a combined capacity of 72,000 coins.