Despite all the talk about a cashless gaming future, in the here and now, casinos remain a very currency-heavy environment.

As such, gaming facilities of all genres and sizes are on constant watch for cash handling products and systems that can make the whole transaction process easier, efficient, cost effective and more secure. Businesses supplying these solutions were numerous at this year’s G2E; below you will find some of the products and news they were showcasing, organized by company.


Mount Prospect, Ill.-based Cummins Allison displayed a full range of currency and coin handling systems that address the ever-growing needs of the gaming industry. “Our products are primarily used in the back office operations areas where they are out of sight of patrons,” said Bob Gibson, vice president of branch operations for Cummins Allison. “They are built to be sustainable and offer operators year-in and year-out reliability and value.”

Front and center for the company was its JetScan iFX line of solutions that utilizes breakthrough imaging technology to sort, count and image tickets, check and currency with extreme accuracy, speed and efficiency, according to company press materials. Smaller, faster and more flexible than other sorters, this line offers desktop units with full ticket, check and currency processing and imaging on one machine. The iFX product line also includes flexible multi-pocket sorters with scalable horizontal and vertical configurations—up to17 pockets in some models.

“We design products with both large and small operators in mind,” Gibson said. “For example, the JetScan 150 currency scanner features a full pocket to stack processed bills as well as a half pocket for off-sorting bills that are questionable, and is a perfect solution for smaller properties. For bigger facilities, the JetScan iFX i400 multi-pocket currency sorter offers 17 pockets and in a single pass, bills are counted, identified and authenticated, as well as sorted.”

Meanwhile, Cummins Allison’s JetScan MPS currency sorters are designed to handle the high-volume processing demands of casino soft count rooms more quickly and efficiently than ever before—processing mixed currency and tickets at 1,000 documents per minute. All cash is denominated, faced, sorted and strapped; ticket barcodes are scanned and images are captured for archiving purposes.

The company also showcased its Money Machine 2 self-service coin counter, the only self-service coin machine to offer 16 sorted-bag capacity, making it easier to manage and transport coins. Money Machine 2 sorts coins by denominations in up to 16 high-volume bags, for a combined capacity of 72,000 coins.


Las Vegas-based Everi offered G2E visitors a comprehensive portfolio of cash access products and solutions, providing gaming operators with a wealth of options that enable them to efficiently deliver cash to the floor and ultimately deliver a customer-centric gaming entertainment experience.

Everi’s CXC 4.0R and CXC 4.0L full-service kiosks, offer extensive cash handling functionality in two distinct footprints, according to company literature. Both deliver powerful marketing peripherals, an intuitive interface, the ability for multiple ticket redemption, easy bill breaking and access to Everi’s patented 3-in-1 Rollover technology. Thanks to 3-in-1 Rollover, patrons can easily turn an unsuccessful ATM transaction into a credit card advance or a POS debit card transaction.

The company’s JackpotXchange automates jackpot payments and reduces player and casino personnel wait times. Interfacing directly with the Everi Compliance Solution to ensure that operators meet all jurisdictional compliance requirements, JackpotXchange offers two payment options (cash or slot tickets) and allows high rollers to print multiple tickets.

Everi Compliance is the gold standard for anti-money laundering (AML) compliance across the gaming industry allowing operators to easily meet Title 31 regulatory requirements. The AML Compliance Solution includes functionality that improves reporting capabilities, provides e-submission of CTRs and SARs, advanced SAR analytics, tracks cash and check transactions and includes chip walk monitoring. Meanwhile, Incident Report Accelerator (mobile) and SAR Workflow Accelerator facilitate streamlined suspicious activity reporting business processes and workflow management by making incident reporting tools readily available to staff members both on and off the floor.

The company also displayed its Slot Jackpot Accelerator (SJA), the first mobile jackpot payout processing solution. SJA brings the entire jackpot payout process to winning patrons on the floor and helps those patrons quickly return to their gaming activities.


Malvern, Pa.-based CPI, a provider of a full range of unattended payment solutions for gaming, retail, transportation, vending and financial services applications, came to G2E bearing news of the recent product placement of the SC Advance note acceptors on slot machines at Casino Leogrand in Batumi, Georgia.

According to a company press release, the SC Advance note acceptor, which has now achieved an installed base of more than 1.5 million units worldwide, supports currencies from a growing list of 125 different countries and monetary unions.  It also features expansive memory to accommodate large sets of up to 100 unique notes.  This allows operators to accept a more complex mixture of currencies, denominations and issued series.  In areas that depend on tourism, this means that players no longer need to wait through tedious exchange processes; they can go straight to the game.  Operators, accordingly, benefit from the increased footfall. 

In addition to the SC Advance line of bill validators,  CPI also displayed its MEI EASITRAX soft count and cloud solutions, as well as cash processing solutions for table games.


Much like CPI, JCM—the Las Vegas based technology provider for banking, retail, kiosk and gaming industries—had positive product placement news to announce at the start of G2E, with leading Spanish casino operator Casinos de Tenerife naming JCM Global its preferred bill validator supplier. Additionally, Casinos de Tenerife named JCM’s iVIZION its preferred bill validator.

This is the most recent is a series of casinos in Spain and across Europe who have named JCM, one of the gaming industry’s leading transaction technologies suppliers, as their preferred bill validator supplier, according to company press materials. Earlier in September, JCM had announced that Casino de Ibiza has named JCM its supplier for both bill validator technology and printing technology.

Casinos de Tenerife operates Casino de Santa Cruz, Casino Puerto de la Cruz and Casino Playa de las Américas, and currently has JCM’s WBA and UBA validators on the casino floor at each property. JCM has upgraded all units to the better, faster, smarter technology of iVIZION.

Meanwhile, after a four-week test with JCM’s iVIZION, Casino de Ibiza named the bill validator its preferred product for the entire casino. The property had no specific printer, and during the iVIZION test, JCM also tested its landmark GEN2 Universal thermal printer. The test period was a great success, and Casino de Ibiza has named the GEN2 Universal its preferred printer.


Hamden, Conn.-based TransAct Technologies, a global leader in market-specific solutions, including printers, terminals, software and other products for transaction-based and other industries, attended G2E to demo its Epicentral promotion and bonusing solution, the brand new Epic 3000 printer now available for all lottery operators, and TransAct’s portfolio of industry-leading, award-winning Epic printers for the worldwide casino and gaming market.

While at G2E, TransAct announced an agreement with Aristocrat Technologies to integrate the capabilities of its Epicentral voucher-based promotions software system with Aristocrat’s Oasis 360 advanced casino management system. As part of the agreement, both companies will market the voucher-based management system to the Oasis 360 customer base to support promotions distribution within the Oasis Brand Connectivity solution.