As we close out on 2015, the status of the gaming industry is as it has been for the past few years—a mixed bag of both good and bad results.

On the positive side of the ledger, the domestic gaming industry continues to show signs of recovery from the recession, with noticeable revenue gains in many regional markets, new or refurbished properties opening in multiple locations, and talk of gaming expansion in states such Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut and Rhode Island. Tempered with this good news however were causes for concern—the ongoing revenue doldrums in major gaming markets such as Macau, Las Vegas and Atlantic City and legal and logistical issues with various forms of eGaming expansion, just to name a few.

This yin and yang also exists within the vendor community. The past year saw IGT, Scientific Games, Everi and other successfully emerge from the spate of acquisitions and mergers that rocked the industry in 2014; at the same time, ongoing issues with slow machine replacement cycles and declining popularity with younger resort patrons continue to plague the overall health of the manufacturer marketplace.   

All this said, there is one aspect of the gaming industry that never wavers, not matter what the market conditions—innovation. Without a doubt, a lot of this inventiveness comes from large and established gaming suppliers. However, each year a smattering of new and emerging gaming providers also raise the innovation bar by introducing cutting-edge products and technologies to the gaming market. Here’s a rundown of some of the nascent gaming companies that made news over the past year and bear watching in 2016, organized by product category.


The discussion of transformative games and systems products for casinos usually begins and ends with large, deep-pocket providers such as IGT, Scientific Games, Konami, Aristocrat Technologies and a host of others. However, a lot of breakthrough items in this area emanate from smaller or less well-known companies.

One such firm is New Millennium Gaming, which has introduced a head-turning table game product called, appropriately enough, Omni-Table. According to company materials, the Omni-Table is the first of its kind electronically controlled live dealer gaming table that allows a casino to change the gaming layout at the touch of a button on a tablet computer. The table can display any game, side-bet and background graphics at any time, all controlled by casino staff.

The key innovation for Omni-Table is a LED video screen covered with an innovative proprietary felt cover that perfectly mimics the feel of a traditional gaming table. The friction of the surface allows for fanning and dealing cards in the exact same manner as a traditional table. The unique LED video screen includes an embedded rubber layer that adds cushioning and allows for cards, chips, dice and other gaming elements to be easily handled. In addition, the table’s video screen can display over 10 million colors, including full motion color video. This allows table backgrounds to be customized to display events at the casino such as shows, convention exhibitors, as well as special table themes similar to slot machines.

The other truly unique piece of technology incorporated into the Omni-Table system is software that, through the use of a tablet computer controller, allows the layout to be customized right on the gaming floor. The table allows a floor manager to determine what games are available based on customer demand. For example, during times of high visitation from Asian customers, a floor manager can switch a table from standard blackjack to pai gow poker, a game known to be more popular amongst Asians, at the touch of a button.

The Omni-Table can also create significant cost savings for the casino—a single pit can now contain any variation of games reducing the need for staff in separate pits to keep specific games in those pits open; games and pits can be consolidated to increase early outs or reduce floor personnel on each shift. Also, since the tables can be configured to display any game, tables do not need to be changed out for tournament play or for special junkets.

The inventiveness and versatility of Omni-Table has not gone unnoticed by the gaming industry; a panel of judges recognized it as one of Casino Journal’s Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Products of 2014, and attendees of Casino Marketing & Technology Conference designated it an Attendees Choice winner.

Another table games company that made splash in 2015 was Galaxy Gaming, the Las Vegas-based developer that has steadily carved out a casino niche by offering popular side bet, proprietary and progressive jackpot concepts for table games such as poker, blackjack and baccarat. Indeed, the company can currently boast its products are used on over 4,000 gaming tables in over 500 casinos, making it one of the largest independent providers of proprietary table games in the world.

What makes this company a worthy addition to this year’s emerging gaming companies list is its work in the utility product table games space, more specifically, the introduction of its SpectrumVision playing card scanning technology. Simply put, SpectrumVision is a device that can quickly and easily detect cards marked by substances otherwise invisible to naked eye. Cards are simply placed in the device under ultraviolet, white, and infra-red lights to be viewed instantly on the video monitor. Markings or irregularities will be visible if present.

It is the only instrument in the world able to instantly detect markings in virtually all parts of the light spectrum, according to product literature.

SpectrumVision can be used to serve several vital purposes. The most obvious is to investigate suspicious activity or behavior at the tables of casinos and card rooms. It can also be used by gaming officials in the prosecution of cheating cases. Poker rooms may also ensure their players of a fair game by checking the cards on a regular basis or at random. Finally, SpectrumVision can be used by card manufacturers as a quality control device, with the ability to recognize printing mistakes and inconsistencies which could be used for fraudulent purposes.

Like Omni-Table, SpectrumVision beat out a number of worthy products to receive a Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Products of 2014 designation.

Genesis Gaming Solutions is another table games-focused supplier with a long history that continues to grow and expand its presence in the casino marketplace. The Texas and Nevada-based company develops hardware and software solutions for casino pit and poker room management and player tracking operations, and is perhaps best known for its BRAVO table game products, systems and services.

According the company website, with the increasing popularity in table games, casino managers need both the ability to accurately track and compensate live play as well as the ability to effectively manage and analyze their table gaming operation. BRAVO hardware and software solutions offer casino personnel the essential management and tracking tools needed to stay profitable and competitive in today’s casino environment. 

Genesis created a sister company, Genesis Interactive Technologies, to augment its BRAVO Pit & Poker room management systems products.  It offers a full line of table game products to the casino industry including custom-built gaming tables and furniture, high-quality casino chips, precision dice, playing cards, table layouts, roulette wheels, roulette and baccarat displays, and table game accessories.

The synergy created between Genesis Gaming Solutions and Genesis Interactive creates a comprehensive solutions offering to the table games industry. Genesis is not resting on its laurels either, partnering with technology companies to add enhancements such as at-table phone charging technology and a full-service online registration system for poker players worldwide. Recent placements for the company include The Cromwell in Las Vegas, which installed Genesis tables with BRAVO quick-change tops, layouts, accessories and chips; and California-based Graton Resort Casino, which tapped a suite of table management solutions for the pit area.

Several small-scale slot companies also generated waves in 2015; some by introducing games and concepts designed to drive more Millennial play to the gaming floor. Next Gaming is attempting to lead in this space, working with G2 Game Design and other established content providers to offer an innovative library of unique, entertaining products for casinos to diversify their slot offerings and increase profitability.

“We are very pleased to have G2 Game Design on board as a game designer,” said Terry L. Caudill, owner of Next Gaming as well as Four Queens Hotel & Casino and Binion’s Gambling Hall in Las Vegas. “Their expertise in content development will be a natural complement to our business.”

Next Gaming’s focus on innovation was apparent at this year’s G2E where they presented a variety of skill-based games that were very well received, according to company executives. “It’s exciting to be at the forefront in changing the dynamic of the traditional slot floor,” said Mike Darley, CEO of Next Gaming. “Our skill-based products will appeal to all demographic segments and incorporate many elements of the social gaming experience.”

Additionally, Next Gaming has inked a deal with mixed martial arts provider King of the Cage to produce a King of the Cage slot game. As the first and only manufacturer and distributor to create a mixed martial arts game, this slot product provides excellent positioning for casinos to offer live events and complement it with this unique slot experience. The Sac and Fox Casino in Stroud, Okla., helped launched this game this past June.

While continuing to expand their game library, the Next Gaming is dedicated to building strong alliances with strategic partners to get the best product to market while providing a customer service element that exceeds all expectations.

What Next gaming is doing for the casino space is what Grover Gaming is also trying to accomplish for the lottery business. The Greenville, N.C.-based software and game development company specializes in lottery products and charitable gaming. The company also licenses premium games for a variety of gaming markets including social and real money gaming.

Thus far, Grover Gaming’s biggest splash has come from its electronic pull-tab system technology and games, which have sold over 500 million tickets since its inception in 2013 across several charitable gaming markets and continues to expand its lead in those markets. Recently, the company Gameshow Glitz electronic pull-tab game was approved by the New Hampshire Racing and Charitable Gaming Commission. Grover currently provides certified software and games for the Lucky 7 electronic pull-tab program in New Hampshire through its exclusive partner, EagleStrike Entertainment.

“We are very proud of the success of our electronic pull-tab products in general and are glad to see that they are as successful in the New Hampshire market as elsewhere,” said Garrett Blackwelder, president of Grover Gaming at the time of the deal. “GameShow Glitz is an exciting new game that will really shine in the dual-screen cabinets we are using in that market.”

Other games and systems companies that made noise over the past year include:

• EncoreRBG is a Boca Raton, Fla.-based provider historical horse racing/racing-based gaming concepts that legally allows racetracks to offer slot-like games to customers. The concept has been very successful at Kentucky Downs in Franklin, Ky., helping the track to set new monthly handle records. EncoreRBG racing-based gaming products and systems were also recently approved by the Wyoming Pari-Mutuel Commission for state racetracks. 

• Alternative Gaming Solutions (Alto Gaming) is a Las Vegas-based provider of original and licensed video slot products that has licensed some of the best performing and popular games and products from Casino Technology, one of the leading European gaming suppliers, known for their unique novelty products. The company turned heads at G2E by displaying its HOT ROD portfolio, a 42-inch curved full HD resolution slot game housed in a unique cabinet that replicates a hot rod racing car.

Win Systems is not a true emerging gaming company; indeed, it has been around for 20 years offering its MULTIGAME lottery and WIGOS casino management systems to casinos throughout the world. However, the company is finally making inroads into the U.S.-based casino marketplace, recently celebrating the sale of its WIGOS system to Garcia River Casino in Point Arena, Calif.


As much as an exciting new game or system can boost profit for a casino enterprise, so too can a product that addresses and streamlines a problematic operational issue, leading to increased savings on the bottom line. In 2015, a number of companies gained notice by offering new technology that helped make a gaming operation run smoother or stand out from the crowd. These included Casino Cash Trac (CCT), a Tulsa, Okla.-based casino software provider and its Casino Insight solution.

According to company literature, CIOs, CFOs and casino executives face difficult decisions about the products they purchase to help run the various departments of the gaming enterprise. These products consistently have limited reporting and are built on a variety of technologies and database platforms, dramatically reducing the value of the data. Revenue audit, fraud protection, customer relationship management and many other tasks become extremely difficult because they are drowning in data.  This observation sparked four experts—Kurt Williams, Drew Word, Blake Doerr, and Wanor França—to develop CCT, a set of tools to better manage niche casino operations.

“Our product captures financial transactions in the cage and vault, and then merges data from the systems throughout the enterprise into a best-of-breed analytics tool,” said Wanor França, chief revenue officer for CCT. So, in essence, Casino Cash Trac can reduce the risk of every technology decision a CIO or any executive has made or will make.

CCT created the award winning software application—Casino Insight —in the Oklahoma market and has now expanded its client base to more than 70 casinos in the U.S. “Casino Insight is a suite of tools that manages the entire casino accounting operations as well as providing business intelligence (BI) and campaign management to casinos across the U.S.,” explained França. Casino Insight takes the information all the way through accounting and combines the data with other systems. “We believe we have the only Casino Audit System (CAS) in the market,” França added.

Casino Cash Trac has won numerous technology awards and is constantly being improved upon by the company. Recently, the system was given the ability to design marketing campaigns, performing what-if analysis on those campaigns, and sending the designed campaign directly to a mail service provider. The analytics tool then performs a post-forma analysis to visualize the response rate in a myriad of ways, including a ZIP code heat map.

In 2014, CCT signed its biggest gaming tribe with over 6,000 machines, thus proving its ability to handle large casinos and continue to improve its growth rate. According to company executives, over the last two years CCT has doubled its revenue, has maintained a retention rate of 100 percent and has launched its products in more than seven states and next year they are going overseas to Latin America.

Meanwhile, Newport Beach, Calif.-basedBirchStreet is attempting to streamline the hospitality operations of casino resorts through its Cloud-based procure-to-pay (P2P) automation solution. According to the company website, a P2P system is a fully integrated and automated end-to-end business process, which starts with suppliers, continues with ordering and receiving, and ends with payment. BirchStreet offers SaaS based operating and reporting tools to close the gap between the current and the desired compliance standard operating procedures within the P2P process, which can lead to improved efficiency and increase profits. The company’s software improves business processes by automating eProcurement, AP Automation, Inventory Control, Spend Analytics, Recipe Management System and Capital Budget Management modules.

BirchStreet understands the way casinos, their hotels and their restaurant outlets operate their business. The casino floor has always been the main focus for revenue and profitability, but the back-office operations are equally important. The company’s cloud-based platform allows casino customers to streamline their supply management business processes and gain deep business intelligence to enhance profitability. The visibility and control tools built into BirchStreet drives supplier compliance, lowering supply costs. Increased visibility also allows for the casinos and gaming operations to attain greater profitability through processing efficiencies creating more process automation in their procurement, accounting, inventory and F&B processes.

In recent years BirchStreet has gained substantial traction in the gaming space. Recent product placement wins include Downtown Grand Las Vegas Hotel & Casino and Southland Park Gaming & Racing. In 2015, BirchStreet focused on augmenting its P2P offerings, allowing access to its platforms via multiple browsers and the option to electronically pay suppliers through a partnership with CSI globalVCard.

“Giving our customers access to securely make payments using CSI’s globalVCard pay systems will improve efficiency, operational processes and increase profits, in addition to making the entire P2P automation process even more inclusive and comprehensive,” said Bill Hirsch, vice president of sales and marketing for BirchStreet at the time of the partnership deal.

For casinos seeking a little market differentiation, Atlanta, Ga.-based NanoLumens has made news over the past year with its line of LED display solutions.  The company’s latest casino placement occurred this past October at Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas, which installed three of the company’s 2.5MM NanoSlim Engage LED visual solutions, creating 1,730 square feet of crystal-clear content in its race & sports book. The new displays, as well as three new 12-inch tall scrolling screens as footers, are the largest ones of their kind ever installed in North America.

“The new NanoLumens visualization solutions look fantastic,” said Art Manteris, vice president of race & sports book operations for Station Casinos, the owner of Red Rock Casino. “This is the kind of investment that will continue to set Red Rock Resort apart.”

NanoLumens also displayed its cutting-edge Engage 1.8MM display at this year’s G2E. The NanoSlim Engage visualization solution is the first LED display solution that is front-serviceable and front-installable, according to company literature.

Other enterprise solution providers worthy of notice include:

Fiservis a large and well-respected provider of financial services technology. The Brookfield, Wis.-based company enables clients to achieve best-in-class results by driving quality and innovation in payments, processing services, risk and compliance, customer and channel management, and business insights and optimization. This past year, Fiserv turned these skills towards the gaming industry and introduced AML Risk Manager for Casinos, a system that helps manage the complex process of anti-money laundering compliance for casinos and other wagering organizations.

“To operate in the casino industry today, it is essential that organizations implement comprehensive AML compliance solutions to protect themselves and their patrons,” said Tim Grace, senior vice president and general manager, financial & risk management solutions for Fiserv when the product was launched in September. “AML Risk Manager for Casinos offers the industry a new generation of money laundering monitoring, reporting and analytics that helps casinos adapt to evolving AML risks and regulations with superior efficiency and insight.”  

Tensator Group has made its living realizing no one likes standing in line. The Bay Shore, N.Y.-based firm is recognized globally as the leader in the queue management, and for optimizing the customer experience by improving operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, safety and crowd control. Tensator has applied some of this knowhow to the casino space in the form of its Gaming Industry Virtual Assistant which, according to company literature, creates the illusion of a real person with full video, audio and interactive engagement, that provides information, recommendations, branding and guidance on demand. The Tensator Virtual Assistant is completely customizable and can be anyone—from a celebrity updating patrons on their show or event, or a casino host providing patrons with a warm welcome, offering full information on activities, events and special food and drink offers.


While enterprise operations remains a vital incubator for gaming technology firms, innovative new companies and products also continue to emerge of the analytics realm; thanks in large part to operator demand for concepts and systems that help them derive more business and boost loyalty from existing customer databases. 

For example, Las Vegas-based OfferCraft is carving out a casino niche by helping operators craft better offers to both established and new customers. Inspired by behavioral economics, the software-as-a-service (SaaS) company uses patent-pending software that leverages a deep understanding of human psychology and data analysis to transform traditional incentives into more fun, motivating experiences that are ultimately far more effective, according to company press materials. The platform weaves together tools ranging from innovative gamification approaches to next-generation sensors to sophisticated learning algorithms. Clients use it to invigorate marketing campaigns, employee education efforts, surveys, coupons and more—often doubling or tripling their participation rates.

“Our goal is create fun, win-win experiences that guests love, while inspiring behaviors that improve loyalty, satisfaction and bottom-line revenue for our clients,” said Aron Ezra, CEO of OfferCraft.

This approach appears to be working. Last month, Canyonville, Ore.-based Seven Feathers Casino Resort, which is owned and operated by the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians, tapped OfferCraft to create new gamification experiences and more interactive rewards for its patrons. “We’re always thinking about new ways to give back to our guests, and we’re confident that our players will love some of these exciting incentives as we roll them out,” said Shawn McDaniel, general manager at Seven Feathers. “We saw outstanding response rates and turnout numbers from our very first offer—this is a great tool to generate interest and additional guest visits as well as a tool to boost employee participation in special events.”

The ability to incentivize customers to boost a property’s marketing efforts is also at the core of boostchatter and its social loyalty platform technology. According to company press materials, the boostchatter platform lets resorts and brands identify their social fans and engage them across their social presence. This turns fans into brand fanatics that interact with social content organically over time, driving word-of-mouth marketing across the social sphere.

With boostchatter, companies can allow social fans to earn points each time they engage with their social media content. The more they engage, the more points these fans collect. Accumulated points can be cashed in for rewards like a free appetizer, buffet or stay at the hotel. So while a company sees huge increases in social engagement metrics, they also see fans make their way through the door.

The boostchatter system has been used to great effect at Florence, Ind.-based Belterra Casino Resort, which saw a 1,000 new social participants and a 4 percent engagement jump a week after going live with the technology. The boostchatter social loyalty platform was also recognized in Casino Journal’s Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Products of 2014 contest.

Customer loyalty applies to online as well as terrestrial gaming properties, a fact that is not lost upon Income Access Group. The Montreal-based firm is technology and digital marketing company serving the global iGaming industry, and is perhaps best known as a leading provider of affiliate marketing services, leveraging its affiliate network comprising over 25,000 affiliates across all gaming verticals. Income Access partners include a who’s who of European online gaming operators such as Betfred, Gala Interactive, Coral, Sportingbet, Sky Betting & Gaming, PMU, Jackpotjoy, Stan James, Bet Victor, Twin Spires, PKR and Pinnacle.

The company has made a splash on U.S. shores over the past year with the addition of New Jersey’s Betfair Casino and The Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa to its affiliate network. Most recently, the company added powerhouse Caesars Interactive Entertainment to its iGaming affiliate fold.

“I’m excited for Income Access to partner with a gaming operator that’s as prestigious and innovative as Caesars Interactive Entertainment,” said Nicky Senyard, founder and CEO of Income Access at the time the deal was announced in August. “Using our platform and dedicated affiliate management, we’re confident that CIE’s online poker and casino brands will be well placed for the future of the New Jersey and Nevada markets.”

Other customer retention/analytics providers that had an impact in 2015 include:

SkyWire, a Las Vegas-based provider of enterprise-grade technologies for the hospitality industry, caused a stir in the gaming marketplace with its Mobile Connect Suite mobile marketing platform. The suite of products allows restaurants, casinos and hotels the opportunity to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty while shortening wait times by using SMS messages and coupons instead of the bulky pagers and e-mail lists, according to company press materials. Mobile Connect Suite won the top spot in Casino Journal’s Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Products of 2014 contest.

“SkyWire is passionate about creating products that have the ability to easily adapt to the fast pace of the casino and hospitality industries,” says Joe Walczak, vice president of strategic accounts for SkyWire. “The Mobile Connect Suite was engineered to enhance the guest experience as well provide the operator a quick and flexible way to promote their offerings and track redemption.”

Infor, a New York, N.Y.-based developer of cloud-based application that automates business functions for numerous industries, continues to make inroads into the casino marketplace, most recently placing its Infor EzRMS fully automated, cloud-based revenue management solution to Indiana-based French Lick Resort. The application allows hotels and resorts to replace numerous time-consuming manual forecasting processes with one integrated system that still recognizes the demand nuances of individual properties, room categories, and ancillary revenue centers such as golf, spa, food & beverage, and casino, according to company literature.

LexisNexisis an Atlanta, Ga.-based firm best known for its legal and professional research solutions. However, the company also has a thriving risk solution division, and this enterprise targeted the gaming industry in 2015. Recently, the Nevada Gaming Commission and Nevada Gaming Control Board granted LexisNexis Risk Solutions a license to provide identity verification, authentication and geolocation services. Nevada gaming companies can now select LexisNexis Risk Solutions to help them comply with gaming regulations, build robust anti-money laundering (AML) compliance workflows and thwart underage gambling.

“Patron identification and geolocation tools are essential components of gaming operations,” said Rick Trainor, CEO, business services, LexisNexis Risk Solutions in a prepared statement. “Workflow integration is key to operational efficiencies. Our identity management products are integrated with our gaming solutions that address the AML compliance needs of online and land-based gaming operators in the U.S. and worldwide.”


Perhaps the best path for new companies to break into the gaming marketplace has been through the various forms of online wagering. It’s a field that many established brick-and-mortar gaming operators still believe is best tackled using third-party products and services.

NYX Gaming Groupis a Las Vegas-based company that is making hay meeting the online gaming needs of terrestrial gaming operators. The group provides flexible gaming solutions to some of the largest lotteries, casinos, poker rooms and I-gaming operators across the globe. According to company literature, game development arm NextGen Gaming is a leading provider of platform-agnostic repeat play slots, providing entertainment for players and profits for operators. The technology division, NYX Interactive, specialize in developing gaming system solutions for World Lottery Association members, media companies and both private and publicly listed gaming companies worldwide. Through its Open Platform System (OPS), operators can take advantage of best of breed products and services, including their own, all managed via a single interface. Through its fully hosted Open Gaming System (OGS), licensees can leverage the best in multi-vendor casino content from around the world.

The ultimate goal of all these divisions is to provide the best content distribution of both real money wagering and social gaming using desktop and mobile for regulated online and land based gaming operators.

NYX Gaming has made news in 2015 through high profile partnerships and placements with prominent gaming companies such as SNAI, Pala Interactive, William Hill, Caesars Interactive and Scientific Games. Recently, the company inked a game development and distribution deal with Spanish gaming giant R. Franco.

NetEnt is an overseas Internet gaming provider that made its bones in Europe and is now eyeing expansion into the U.S. online marketplace. A digital entertainment company that provides gaming solutions to online casino operators, NetEnt has launched its platform in New Jersey, through Borgata’s online gaming websites. As part of the agreement, NetEnt will initially deliver a selection of its best-in-breed multichannel games, and new games will be introduced to the New Jersey market over time, according to a company press release.

“I am delighted to be live with Borgata online casino in New Jersey, and it marks a fantastic milestone achievement for NetEnt,” said Björn Krantz, managing director of NetEnt Americas. “I am confident that our games will offer Borgata’s player community the very best gaming experience. Through our extensive experience and knowledge within the field of online casino gaming, we will work closely with Borgata and the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement with the aim to responsibly drive the online casino market forward.”

Isle of Man-based Microgaminghas been involved with the online casino industry since the 1990s, and has developed thousands of unique, genre-defining casino, mobile, poker, bingo and land-based games, in addition to hosting one of the largest progressive jackpot networks in the world. The company continues to release new online slot content such as Basketball Star, Rugby Star and games based of popular movies such as Bridesmaids and Laura Croft Tomb Raider.

Malta-based Yggdrasil Gamingis another Europe-based online gaming pioneer constantly introducing new content to the marketplace. The company is a provider of market-leading online and mobile casino games, RNG lottery content and live lotto. Products include video slots, classic and video scratch games, 3D video keno games, instant lotto express, live studio lotto, and pooled progressive jackpots across multiple platforms including desktop and mobile games. Game titles include Chibeasties, Cyrus the Virus, Cazino Zeppelin, Jokerizer, Winterberries, Reef Run, Dark Joker Rizes, Vikings Go Wild, progressive jackpot Joker Millions, Holmes and the Stolen Stones and Doubles.

According to press materials, Yggdrasil has been making waves in the online gaming industry over the past couple of years, signing some of the biggest operators in the industry, including: Betsson Group, Cherry, CO-Gaming (ComeOn!), Gaming VC, LeoVegas, Mr Green, Vera&John, and Unibet.

Yggdrasil Gaming has also launched a number of recent innovations, including: iSENSE 2.0, an HTML5 framework which allows operators to launch games simultaneously on desktop and mobile; Infinite API for gamification, helping operators to boost their customer engagement; Super Free Spins, a new promotional concept which gives online casinos the chance to hand out an infinite number of free spins to different player segments.

Another company often making news in the online gaming space is Playtech, a leading software and services omni-channel supplier to the industry  with more than 120 licensees globally, including many of the world’s leading regulated online, retail and mobile operators, land-based casino groups, government sponsored entities such as lotteries, and new entrants opening operations in newly-regulated markets. Its business intelligence-driven gambling software offering includes casino, live casino, bingo, poker and sports betting, according to company press materials. Recent launches for the company include Prestige Roulette, a modern-day variant of the classic casino table game. Set in an intimate, neon-lit environment Prestige Roulette enables players to get closer to the action and the dealer with the game replicating a real-life, one-on-one VIP casino experience. Playtech also recently unveiled Top Gun, an online slot game based on the movie that is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.

Sweden-based Play’n GO not only offers premium quality online slots such as Eye of the Kraken and Xmas Joker, it also ensures its clients are equipped with superior back-office administration tools for reporting and marketing. Their Gaming Account Toolkit (GAT) is an independent e-gaming platform delivered with a comprehensive back office application. It now hosts over 80 games in 30 languages, including several bespoke games designed for some of the world’s leading casino brands.

Looking beyond online slots and table games, Miomni Gaming provides cutting-edge, multi-platform race & sports book applications and a cloud-based gaming middleware platform with in-built geo location technology for land-based operators. Recently, the company partnered with Las Vegas-based Treasure Island to launch a state-of-the-art sports betting app, available on Android and iOS.  According to press materials, TI Mobile Sports puts the excitement of the TI Race & Sports Book in the palms of players’ hands. Players have the ability to check lines, place bets, check account balances and more in a few simple steps. All users age 21 and older must register in-person at TI before downloading the app, which is only available for use in the state of Nevada.

“We continually evolve our Race & Sports Book to bring the latest in technology to our customers. With mobile usage dominating the marketplace, creating an app was the obvious next step,” said Tony Nevill, director of the Treasure Island Race & Sports Book. “Now, even when a guest can’t be present in our race & sports book, they can still participate in real time, real money sports wagering in Nevada.”