As I write this, it is mid-December, the holidays are right around the corner, and all anyone seems to be talking about is the reboot of the Star Wars movie franchise.

Serious fans in major cities began camping out at movie theatres for tickets a full week before the movie was set to show; though I wonder if their ardor to wait in an outdoor line here in the Northeast would be as strong if Old Man Winter was actually around instead of on some sort of extended hiatus (I’m guessing it would… I imagine it’s pretty toasty in a those Wookie and Ewok costumes).
Though I’m poking fun at them, I don’t blame some fans (a phrase derived from the word fanatic after all) for suffering a little hardship to see something they truly love refurbished and made important again. No one ever wants to see their favorite… well, anything, wither and come to an end. May the Force always be with them and us.

Much like the Star Wars relaunch, we here at BNP Media are taking our tried and true Slot Manager magazine franchise and moving it in a new editorial direction, signified by the publication’s new title: Slot Management & Marketing (SM&M). For faithful readers of the magazine, this change in focus probably doesn’t come as too much of a surprise; throughout the years, as the slot machine market has evolved, so has the content of the publication. When Slot Manager magazine was first introduced 20 years ago, it reflected the informational wants and needs of land-based slot machine operators, which at that time largely revolved around understanding the latest game themes, play mechanics and peripheral devices from a growing number of equipment manufacturers. Over the intervening years, the scope of industry coverage was widened with the inclusion of technology and operation-based articles so managers could better understand and react to an increasingly complex gaming environment.

Now, the slot operator market is undergoing yet another change. The data-driven and marketing intensive slot business touches multiple departments and disciplines throughout the modern casino resort enterprise. Learning about slots, transformative technology and general market trends is no longer enough in this transformed environment; today’s land-based slot manager needs to know how to better market and manage the entire slot area, to provide both competitive differentiation and a much needed boost to the bottom line. Slot Management & Marketing magazine aims to help slot operators attain these management and marketing goals, and will devote substantial editorial resources to these topics in each and every issue. For example, in this issue you will find two articles on current trends impacting slot room management strategy—the rise in gaming machine hold percentages and increased patronage from Millennials. The magazine also features a piece on data analytics providers—an increasingly important resource for modern slot marketing departments.

To be clear, SM&M will not be abandoning its roots…it will continue to offer all the new game, technology and operations news and features you’ve come to expect from the magazine. Readers will continue to find insightful commentary from some of the industry’s most enlightened visionaries, executive Q&As with gaming leaders, real world case studies and success stories with a wealth of information about the latest games and related products.
So, here in your hands, is our rebooted product and you did not have to dress in a weird costume and wait on line in the cold to get a copy. Maybe we are making this way too easy for you...