Marketing affects almost every function of a modern casino property. That said, every strategy should consistently provide the right offers to the right patron at the right time, as well as acquire new customers and engage existing players.

The core Baby Boomer demographic is shrinking while the Millennial Market is growing. Millennials are now the nation’s largest living population. At this most interesting and pivotal time, tremendous mobile app revenue opportunities exist for the gaming industry to modernize offerings in ways that resonate with every different type of your customer. Today’s casino marketers must ask themselves, “Do I have a relevant strategy to engage existing players while appealing to a new audience?”

PromoGroupRewards’ Social Gaming Application provides casino properties the unique opportunity to fully engage their most profitable consumer segments while attracting a new generation of players. How much is this revolutionary marketing technology? The short answer is, much less than you’d expect. In most cases, our revenue sharing model offers your casino property a huge return on investment (ROI).

While the global games market for social casino continues to thrive, it’s important to understand that not all social gaming apps appeal to existing casino guests without alienating new users. Choosing the right social gaming app strategy holds the key to a successful transition in a shifting demographic climate for your casino property.

Here are some key factors for you to think about when considering a mobile app solution for your casino property. If the mobile app solutions you’re considering don’t have these five key elements, then your property must move on and find the right solution that does.

Accessibility: Many casino mobile apps are designed with the casino’s players club in mind. This means you must belong to an already existing players club or rewards club before signing into the app. This tactic only leads to maintaining the status quo. What about new customer acquisition? One of the core strategies of any casino mobile app is it should drive low cost for new customer acquisition. Make sure anyone can access your app and play your games regardless of their standing with your casino.

Reward Program Integration: Many casino mobile apps either don’t integrate or don’t allow mobile app players to engage with a rewards program virtually. This is a huge mistake. The right strategy is that users of your mobile app should be able to earn points or chips while playing games that can be redeemed for rewards.

The good news is offering the right rewards are the only way to engage with Millennials. They’re looking for a total experience and want to spend their money on other services offered by your casino. Other than gambling, here’s where Millennials spend when visiting casinos and resorts:

• Fine dining;

• Show or concert attendance;

• Bar or club visit;

• Spa, pool or golf outings; and

• Shopping

Generate Revenue: Millennials like playing mobile casino games. If you don’t have mobile casino games in your app, then you must add them! Even more importantly, make sure those games generate revenue for you. The top four casino apps alone generate over $600 million annually. Mobile casino game players are twice as likely to make in-app purchases than players of other kinds of mobile games. Add in the ability to redeem the coins won while playing the games for rewards makes it even more likely that players will make in-app purchases for additional play.

Keeping Players Updated: Your mobile app should allow you to send messaged directly to your players via push notifications through your app. Promoting casino events, discounts and new casino games keeps players engaged and drives players back into your casino. If you are unable to log into an admin account and send push notifications to your players, you should immediately move on to a mobile app solution that has this functionality.

Tracking Player Behavior Within the Casino: This may be the most important yet most misunderstood advantage a mobile app solution can provide you:

• When your players come to your casino property, they’re probably bringing their smart phone with them.

• Their phone should have your casino app on it. If it doesn’t, then you’re not marketing your app aggressively enough.

• A properly designed mobile app will allow you to track player behavior within the casino and on your resort grounds using iBeacon and geo-fencing technology.

Imagine knowing where your players go and how long they stay there while visiting your casino. This is a great opportunity to strategically market services and products to specific players based on their behavior. If they like golf, promote golf. If they like dining, promote dining, etc.


The good news is that PromoGroupRewards’ Mobile App Casino Solutions offers all of this functionality while the competition does not. It’s the most complete and user-friendly mobile casino solution on the market today. In just a few days and/or weeks, you can start generating significant revenue, engaging with new players, acquiring new customers and tracking their behavior.