West Bloomfield, Mich.-based Atrient continues to fine-tune its Power Kiosk, an evolution of the traditional kiosk that can be deployed directly onto mobile devices, game screens of video slot machines and traditional standalone kiosks, to disseminate promotions to casino customers across a wide variety of touchpoints.

“We have put substantial R&D into all these components to make sure they work together in harmony and are easy to use,” said Sam Attisha, CEO for Atrient.

The backbone of the system is the Power Kiosk itself, which, according to the company’s website, offers the following functionalities:

Power Kiosk Enroll—Automatic club enrollments can now be done with Power Kiosk Enroll, which makes it easier and more convenient than ever before for new member to join and participate in a loyalty program. A quick driver’s license scan provides the patron management system with all the information required to enroll a new members.

Power Kiosk Mobile—Power Kiosk is all about versatility and ease of use. Players can interact with Power Kiosk through user friendly applications such as the mobile app available on both Android and Apple devices.

Power Kiosk EGM—Power Kiosk seamlessly transitions from one medium to another. Players can access Power Kiosk directly from the game screen of any video slot machines that is enabled with picture-in-picture technology.

Power Kiosk Promotions—A suite of reporting and analytical tools that ensures marketing programs are within budget and performing as planned.

“We have been in the kiosk space for quite some time and are constantly adding new functions to make promotions easier for our customers,” Attisha said. “With new communications technologies, we’re also trying to put the kiosk in the hands of any casino customer.”

Visit www.atrient.com for more info.