CXC Kiosks & QuickCash


Everi’s CXC 4.0R and CXC 4.0L full service kiosks offer extensive cash handling functionality in two distinct footprints. Both deliver powerful marketing peripherals, an intuitive interface, the ability for multiple ticket redemption, easy bill breaking and access to Everi’s patented 3-in-1 Rollover technology. Thanks to 3-in-1 Rollover, patrons can easily turn an unsuccessful ATM transaction into a credit card advance or a POS debit card transaction.

QuickCash is designed to be a powerful combination of hardware and software that delivers benefits for both the casino patron and casino operator. QuickCash provides additional cash access opportunities to patrons whose kiosk or ATM transaction is declined by the issuing bank. Rather than walking away empty handed, patrons are directed to pick up the convenient attached phone where they can speak with a representative at Everi’s call center who works with the patron and issuing bank to approve the transaction.

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MegaSlot & vSpin Promotional Kiosks


SCA Gaming is a leader of risk-free mega-jackpots for the gaming industry. In the past 17 years SCA Gaming has successfully deployed 4,000 promotions and continues to provide marketing and promotion solutions for more than 475 casino clients worldwide.

SCA’s MegaSlot concept makes an impact on the casino floor. The game platform includes high-definition multiple screen displays and custom game designs. According to company press materials, MegaSlot is the perfect solution for player acquisition and development efforts, generating revenue and building traffic as a stand-alone floor centerpiece. SCA offers MegaSlot on other game platforms giving the property the flexibility to choose a game to match its budget.

Casinos looking for an eye-catching promotion can turn to vSpin, a cutting-edge virtual game platform. Stunning digital animation combined with exclusive touchscreen technology gives the slot player a unique gaming experience. Players simply spin three virtual wheels to discover their prize. vSpin can be integrated with third party casino management systems for targeted rewards based on player demographics and gaming history.

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Konami’s SYNKROS is ushering a new wave of casino loyalty kiosking functions to more channels and devices than ever before with its acclaimed SYNKiosk. SYNKiosk introduces real-time, comprehensive loyalty program updates and benefits directly to enabled slot machines, customer smartphones, and of course, traditional standalone kiosk machines, achieving greater convenience and participation to valued casino guests. KONAMI’s SYNKiosk challenges standing perceptions of kiosks, and even slot machines, by delivering a wealth of patron account services and benefits to a spectrum of connected devices for greater customer convenience, operational efficiency, game performance and marketing participation.

Konami recently announced that SYNKiosk was an integral part of a system-wide SYNKROS install at Desert Diamond’s West Valley Resort & Casino in Arizona. West Valley launched SYNKiosk’s self‐service enrollment stations, thereby allowing patrons to create and/or reprint a valid player loyalty card in less than 60 seconds, according to a company press release.

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DFS-500 Kiosk


The DFS-500 Kiosk from DiTRONICS is an “all-in-one” solution that optimizes the player experience directly at the kiosk, cage and via DiTRONICS’ digital wallet. Housed in state of-the-art hardware, the DFS-500 Kiosk maximizes efficiency through exclusive software enhancements for ticket redemption, bill breaking, ATM, cash advance and check cashing transactions. Features include: dual bill validator (multiple ticket pay-off capability), greater bill holding capacity (5 cassettes/3,000 notes each) and 17-inch touchscreen with eye-catching multi-color LED illumination.

Proprietary DiTRONICS’ Vantage software options include: transaction rewards that integrates funds access applications directly with a casino’s player database; new SMART dispense technology that reduces wear and tear on the kiosk while improving the player experience; and brand new JACKPOT pay technology which makes jackpot pays a breeze—available on one, several or all of a casino’s ticket redemption kiosks—enhancing customer service by saving time and money while eliminating costly additional equipment.

In other DiTRONICS news, the company has introduced a new logo that is part of the ongoing evolution of its products, technologies, services and overall brand.  In the coming months, DiTRONICS will be updating the company’s collateral materials with the new logo, as well. 

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