Spintec has displayed automated Sic Bo, virtual Baccarat and multi-game solution combining different types of games and different technologies at the same time. 
“ICE 2016 proved that automation of all live games combined with a unique R&D approach has been the right step for Spintec. Decision makers that visited ICE formed tremendous buzz around automated Sic Bo, congratulating us on the most technologically advanced Sic Bo machine on the market. Feedback from ICE visitors is of great importance to us, because this is the premier event for Gaming Technology and its visitors dictate future trends in the industry,” said Igor Lombar, the CEO of Spintec. 
With the Spintec brand promise of longer gaming sessions, in-house R&D department focused on analyzing customer‘s needs and gaming habits, did a profound technical studies and took into account demands and requirements of casino operators to form a strong basis of new products. 
Different features meet requirements of different target groups. For example, one of them is a proprietary mechanics integrated in the Karma Automated Sic Bo, which considerably decreases the possibility of the annulment of the outcome. It almost eliminates the situations of the dice being placed on top of each other or over the border. The most important outcome of this innovation is the increased number of valid outcomes per hour, which directly translates into player satisfaction and more income for the casino.
The first feature that attracts the players of Karma Virtual Baccarat is HD live footage of different attractive croupiers. One of the features that increase excitement and drama for the player is a peek scanner that shows the card only partially when the card is drawn from the card shoe.
Karma Multigame solution has raised great interest among visitors of the ICE, because it allows the combination of different games and different technologies in one setting.
Other distinctive features of Karma product line are: unbeatable comfort designed for and around the player, intuitive interface for the ease of play, extreme modularity and custom-made designs. Comfort of the player and simplicity of the user interface translates into longer gaming sessions, which in turn translates into higher casino income. Modularity allows operators the freedom to adapt and optimize the floor portfolio with gaming solutions, whenever the need for additional terminals or additional games is required.  Custom-made design offers the possibility of choosing unique colors and materials to match interior of every casino.
Karma line consists of fully automated games, virtual solutions, live solutions and connection to live games for Roulette, Sic Bo and Baccarat.