NOVOMATIC AMERICAS has moved their US base of operations from Deerfield Beach, Florida to a 51,000 square foot headquarters in Mount Prospect, Illinois. The new space, located approximately ten miles from Chicago’s O’Hare airport, is designed to bring compelling NOVOMATIC gaming experiences to the North American and Caribbean markets. “The city of Chicago has always been a forerunner in the age of innovation—by combining the energy of the city, the talent of its people, and its geographic proximity to the rest of the continent; I feel confident that this is the place for our company to grow.”- Rick Meitzler CEO and president NOVOMATIC AMERICAS. 
Established in 2012, NOVOMATIC AMERICAS plans to leverage the experience of its Austrian-based parent company in unison with new developments from a game design studio based in the Mount Prospect office; creating market specific products that are tailor-made for the North American and Caribbean markets.
By leveraging the nearly 700 engineers and proven-performing content of NOVOMATIC AG synchronously with newly developed titles and technology, NOVOMATIC AMERICAS has the benefit of a diverse and advanced portfolio at an extremely young age.
As NOVOMATIC AMERICAS expands their content library, the company is simultaneously expanding its team; which has doubled this past year. NOVOMATIC AMERICAS plans to continue the legacy and tradition of the NOVOMATIC Group, by not only being a leader in technology and innovation, but by becoming a major supplier to the North American gaming markets.