Take a trip deep into the enchanted forest where, in the glow of the full moon, butterflies and fairies dance across the reels; introducing the latest theme exclusive to the Dominator Curve cabinet—Pixie Moon. This 5x3 base theme features mystical, high-definition, graphics and game play that will bring a touch of magic to your casino floor.
Three or more scattered MOON symbols award 15 free games, where players light up moons for standalone progressive prizes. Cast your eyes to the five progressive levels displayed on the top of the screen; each with a corresponding symbol and moon. During the free spin bonus, any wins containing these assigned symbols fill in a portion of the moon next to that symbol’s respective jackpot meter. Once a jackpot’s moon becomes full the jackpot is awarded. But that’s not all—collect enough symbols and multiple progressives can be won within one bonus; you can even win the same jackpot twice! 
Designed to fully immerse players in their gaming experience, the Dominator Curve cabinet features a 40” high-definition vertical screen that wraps around the player—placing them directly at the center of the action. The Dominator Curve features an exclusive content library that is specifically designed to utilize all 40” of the seamless screen; filling it with game play and gorgeous graphics.
This is no fable, the night is glimmering with the sparkle of big wins in Pixie Moon—a theme that is sure to dazzle your players.