Butterfly Wall is a forward-throw LED indirect wall and ceiling illumination from Orgatech Architectural Lighting that provides “soft” white lighting effects to imposing memorable spaces; arenas, shopping malls, sports facilities, theatrical playhouses, transportation terminals and the like.
Butterfly Wall encompasses a formed-housing constructed of sturdy 16-gauge 60% recycled aluminum; integral line-voltage power, and a clear tempered-glass lens. Light is focused forward and upward, to indirectly illuminate ceilings. A back-lighting component provides soft upper wall or column-lighting effects. An optional perforated light housing also provides direct lighting.
Butterfly Wall can be mounted with slender factory-supplied side brackets, or a flush-mounted rear bracket. Two sizes are available:
~ Butterfly-12 is 12-inches square by 4.5-inches deep, with curving sides that taper to its front edge.
~Butterfly-18 is 18-inches square by 7-inches deep, with curving sides that taper to its front edge.
Both models have high-powered LEDs that produce 8000-16,000 lumens in wattages ranging from 32 to 95. A 5-year, 60,000-hour factory warranty is standard. Units have 50% energy savings over common metal-halide fixtures 
A 5-step factory pretreatment prepares Butterfly Wall housings for polyester powder coat application. Standard color options include: black, bronze, silver, and white.