Crystal Lagoons achieved a great international milestone with the new project it signed in Las Vegas, USA. The world's capital of entertainment has all thinkable infrastructure. However, it lacks beach lifestyle, an issue that will be addressed by Crystal Lagoons' technology and concept.
Crystal Lagoons has partnered with Steve Wynn, tycoon responsible of the creation of Las Vegas, as the world's capital of adult entertainment. Crystal Lagoons will bring a large crystalline lagoon to the iconic "Strip", the city's main road. 
This represents world acknowledgment of Crystal Lagoons' success in the US market, where just one year after its arrival it already has 11 signed projects and it is evaluating other 44 projects in different States, with a total investment of US$53.4 billion.  
Crystal Lagoons' Las Vegas project involves a total investment of US$4 billion and has a particular feature: It will be located at the site of the only golf course of the city's downtown. The site will be turn into a 12.1-hectare crystalline lagoon. This is another global success sign of the world's top amenity, which is gaining land even in countries devoted to golf.
The announcement made by Steve Wynn, regarding that will develop a crystal clear lagoon on the project, triggered "Wynn Resorts" stock price -it trades in Nasdaq- to rise up to 12%, increasing the company's value in US$1.05 billion.
With an area of 12.1-hectares, it will be the company's largest crystalline lagoon in the US, and it will have an state-of-the-art design with a central island, gondolas, daily firework shows and life water sports events, hotels, shopping and a wide gastronomical axis. 
Uri Man, CEO of Crystal Lagoons USA, said "the projection of this alliance is huge, given that Steve Wynn is involved in Las Vegas, Macau (China) and the world's most important resorts. His success formula was to conceive a city especially devoted to entertainment for adults from all over the world, integrating luxurious hotels, casinos, retail stores, and world class theatres". 
Finally, Uri Man stated that "the Crystal Lagoons project in Las Vegas will make real the company's founder dream. At his beginnings, Fernando Fischmann dreamt about bringing large bodies of crystalline water to the world's entertainment and luxury capitals, such as Dubai and Las Vegas".