AETHOS Consulting Group , the largest global hospitality executive search and human capital advisory firm, has announced that it has published its first book, The Loneliness of Leadership, From Solitude to Success.
The Loneliness of Leadership is the result of an unprecedented, three-year study of top hospitality executives and entrepreneurs. Via case studies and psychometric testing, AETHOS CEO Keith Kefgen and managing director James Houran, Ph.D. demonstrate an integrated set of contemporary lessons, accomplishments, and theories underscoring leadership development. The authors give readers a realistic yet motivational path for embracing the inherent solitude of leadership and turning it into personal and professional success.
"Loneliness of Leadership reveals the challenges faced by today's executives for managing the often untold effects of success," explains Kefgen. "Our book has something for anyone who strives to explore innovative ideas and theories about leadership."
"There are many lessons we've learned about what works best for leaders in our industry," shares Dr. Houran. "And it is important to share these research findings, which are not only high-level observations, but also provide actionable activities for both new and seasoned leaders."
Notable findings in the Loneliness of Leadership include:
    --  Leadership isn't for everyone;
    --  Leadership has a shelf-life;
    --  Leaders are strong generalists who operate as a social network for their
        team of specialists;
    --  Leaders embrace chaos and ambiguity using them to chart successful
    --  The importance of advice throughout the leadership journey, most
        importantly establishing a personal board of advisors.
Loneliness of Leadership is available in digital and print versions. Visit or to order.