For the past 19 years, Casino Journal has hosted the annual Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Products Awards, a contest in which a panel of independent judges grades the cutting-edge qualities of entries submitted by leading gaming companies from across the nation and around the world.

The impartial nature of this contest has always proven popular among the casino supplier community and this year was no exception, with more than 50 products entered for judges to peruse. These entries showed the breadth and spirit of innovation that permeates the modern gaming enterprise, and winning products ranged from a specialized roulette ball launcher to skill game concepts for slot machines, forward-thinking kiosk functionality to customer authentication systems, and much more.  

All told, 21 products were awarded Most Innovative Technology Products of 2015 designation, as there was a tie for 20th place. We would like to recognize and thank the judges for their valuable time and the diligence of their analysis to come up with this group of top products:

Warren Davidson, slot director, Coushatta Casino Resort;

Donne Grable, vice president, gaming operations, VCAT LLC; and

Claudia Winkler, president, G.H.I. Solutions.

Top 20 winners will be honored and plaques will be awarded on Thursday, July 14, 2016 at the afternoon keynote address at Casino Marketing & Technology Conference, Paris Las Vegas, where the winners of the Platinum, Gold and Silver Awards also will be announced. An Attendee’s Choice Award, which will be determined from votes cast by the people at the Casino Marketing & Technology Conference, will also be unveiled at the awards presentation. These top four award winners also will be featured in the August issue of Casino Journal.

Descriptions of the Top 20 products, written by participants and listed alphabetically by company, follow: 

The Tornado


Traditionally in the game of roulette, dealers are at the heart of the game outcome action which centers on the ball launch. While it can be relaxing and fun to play, some might say the game lacks the interactive community experience fostered by craps and baccarat foster. That’s where The Tornado from AGS comes in.

In a standard roulette game, the dealer drops the ball into a 32-inch wheel to begin the outcome action. Instead, in a roulette game powered by The Tornado, a player controls the roulette ball drop with the press of a button. This simple technological innovation enhances player interaction by allowing the player to control the spin without altering traditional roulette rules or procedures—something never before seen on the casino floor.

Easy and fast to install without complicated electronics, operators can simply place The Tornado over any traditional 32-inch roulette wheel. Its innovative engineering ensures a truly random, secure result with every spin, eliminating human error and giving dealers more time to focus on players.

This revolutionary roulette utility device transforms the roulette player experience into a truly exciting, interactive community by letting players take control of the game’s most exhilarating part—the ball launch.

“The Tornado should be a must have in every casino as this is a great product to attract new players to roulette as well as adding a cool new feature for the traditional player,” said one judge.

 iDROP-E Table System


Table games are an important part of the gaming industry and every casino’s floor, but drop procedures and security have been problematic for many of these operators both in the U.S. and globally. The iDROP-E Table System has been brought to market from APEX Gaming Technology to answer all these needs while increasing player satisfaction.

The iDROP-E Table System integrates a banking industry transactional bill validator (JCM Global TBV) to provide industry leading counterfeit detection while recording all transactions which eliminates potential dealer count errors. It is the only product of its kind to communicate through SAS protocol which links to any and all casino management systems, thus providing real-time data collection and reporting. A TITO printer (Nanoptix Paycheck Slim) completes the unit, allowing players to seamlessly transition from slots-to-tables and tables-to-slots, by allowing them to exchange bills and/or TITO slips to chips and chips back to bills/TITO. Each player at the table can provide the dealer their player’s card when entering the game, allowing them to reap all the program benefits just like at a slot machine.

In short, APEX has brought cash handling capabilities found in slot machines directly at the table while improving dealer reliability.

“I feel APEX iDROP-E is a true innovation not just for the dealers but for the count team as well, who should now be able to process table games much more efficiently,” a judge said. “Additionally, there is now a number for accounting to hold the count team to, making skimming much more unlikely.”

Lightning Link


Lightning Link from Aristocrat Technologies is an explosive set of linked games with progressives that have proven to be a hit with players in Australia, North America and Europe, making the game a truly global phenomenon.

Lightning Link has player-selectable multi-denominations, a multi-format jackpot offering that combines both linked and SAP jackpots, an excellent mix of games that attract a wide range of players, a patented new jackpot mechanic for innovative game play and trigger methodology and an intuitive layout that is easy to learn and play. Lightning Link was created specifically to appeal to all types of players—frequent players as well as more casual gamers, and those who like a jackpot experience as well as those who prefer a more entertaining experience. With frequent features and jackpots, the game keeps players and spectators entertained and energized. The Aristocrat team has so far developed 10 different Lightning Link base games with an exciting variety of themes and features.

Multiple denominations call to players of all levels, and players have been shown to love Lightning Link’s four current game themes, keeping players on the edge of their seats waiting for the free games and hold and spin bonuses to strike, especially when a single bonus spin could award multiple progressives and bonus values.

The game comes to the floor in the technologically advanced Helix cabinet, and has four fun game themes to choose from: Happy Lantern, High Stakes, Magic Pearl and Sahara Gold.

“What I love about Lightning Link is Aristocrat has made specific games for the link, with math models that take into account the progressive payout,” a judge said.

Casino Insight


The commercial casino industry has become a part of the mainstream entertainment economy in U.S., and the increased competition from this larger market has CFOs and CIOs constantly searching for greater business efficiencies while continuously examining the products they purchase throughout the gaming enterprise. These products consistently have limited reporting and are built on a variety of technologies and database platforms—dramatically reducing the value of the data. Revenue audit, fraud protection, customer relationship management and many other tasks become extremely difficult because they are drowning in data.

Casino Insight from Casino Cash Trac captures financial transactions in the cage and vault, and then merges data from all the systems throughout the enterprise into a best-of-breed analytics tool. This includes CMS, F&B, banking machines (kiosks, recyclers, cash dispensers) and even promotional kiosks. So, in essence, Casino Cash Trac can reduce the risk of every technology decisions a CIO has made or will make.

This gathering and integration of data also helps operators devise successful short- and long-term management and growth strategies. While there are products out there that can capture cage and vault transactions data, only Casino Insight and its Casino Audit System (CAS) module parse and analyze every data point from cage, vault, player, slots, revenue audit all the way to accounting.

“Most data analysis products have a focus on marketing and business intelligence… the Casino Insight product gives CFOs and CIOs powerful tools for their own use,” a judge said.

Everi Bet


Everi Bet is the game changing bet configuration system that gives casino operators the power to optimize the gaming floor for maximum returns.

Everi Bet creates a new way to make the same slot game available at a variety of different options for minimum bet by changing the paytable instead of the traditional method of changing the paylines. With Everi Bet, casino operators can easily configure minimum bet, max bet, number of bet levels and progression of bet multipliers. What sets Everi Bet apart from the competition lies in its balanced math model. Unlike competitors’ games that achieve different minimum bets by varying the number of paylines accordingly, Everi Bet preserves a game’s hit rate by keeping the original number of lines. This allows the game to maintain its intended volatility, giving casino operators the power to customize the game without compromising the overall gaming experience for players. In addition, each Everi Bet-enabled game title is offered in natural low-, mid-, and high-denomination configurations.

“The ease and simplicity in which you can switch the game is awesome,” one judge said. “Everi has figured out that bet does not have to equal line configuration. It’s as simple as making the bet configurable to where the player is comfortable wagering.”

BRAVO Pit – Chip and Card Detection System


Simply put, BRAVO Pit – Card & Chip Detection (CCD) System is an advanced table game player ratings and management system designed to track play using correct hand counts for more accurate player reward calculations.

The system utilizes cutting-edge, hand count sensors which are placed in appropriate spots on the table for each respective table game variation. The BRAVO Pit – CCD System then captures the actual hand count and proposition bet play of individuals. As a result, “time played” is no longer a factor in creating a rating for a customer. By using actual hand counts in conjunction with the dealer check-ins and supervisor updates of live ratings rather than estimated figures, a true theoretical value can be placed on individual rated sessions.

With this patented system, casino management can track any proposition or bonus bet on a table game by placing a sensor under the desired side betting area. Since casinos pay handsomely for prop or bonus bet games, tracking the utilization of these bets can validate or negate the cost associated with the game as well as measure customer participation. In addition to tracking and analyzing proposition and bonus bets for purposes of game evaluation, proposition bet play can be tracked by customer and used in the customer’s rating profile. Consequently, players can be assigned a true theoretical win value based on base and proposition bet wagering.

“The ability to track side bets on table games gives casinos the ability to properly reinvest in players,” a judge said. “Players would reap the benefits of accurate tracking, particularly on high house edge side bets on a low hold table game.”

PowerHost CRM


PowerHost CRM was designed by player development experts as a contact management system for casino hosts. It has all the features of a generic contact management system such as tasks and notes, but it also has gaming-specific features such as preferences, gaming profile, recent comps and offers.

Beyond this, the whole objective of PowerHost CRM is to provide each casino host with a methodology that will help them to meet and exceed their goals. PowerHost also enables the manager to set and measure team goals.

In turn, management can monitor whether each host is actually following up on the recommendations. We all know that individuals change their behavior if they know management is aware of their actions and results. With the click of a link, a casino host can record that they have contacted a guest by phone, by text or in person.

Without PowerHost CRM, a host is inclined to take care of their own coded players but no single host works 24/7. With PowerHost CRM, a host is given credit for taking care of all the valuable players on their shift. The guest experience improves when each and every casino host receives credit for taking care of that valuable guest whether or not it is their coded player.

PowerHost CRM is a collaborative tool designed to be a “Facebook” for all guest-facing employees including the pit boss, guest services, club manager and more.

“Automatic updating of goals, accountability of tasks, and convenient contact recommendations are the best features of PowerHost CRM,” a judge said.

IGT OnPremise


International Game Technology’s IGT OnPremise is the first integrated mobile technology solution that enables players to wager through a single mobile app anytime within set boundaries of a casino and play with virtual currency once they exit the property. It modernizes the gaming and sports betting experience by delivering cross-platform customized game content and services directly through a player’s mobile device.

The interactive gaming solution is packed with exclusive technology to enhance the player experience and optimize gameplay. Customers can leverage the innovative mobile app’s complete compatibility, which supports a wide variety of smartphone and tablet devices while accommodating to ongoing advancements in the tech industry.

IGT OnPremise is redefining the mobile gaming experience, providing a seamless interactive app for players to enjoy in the casino and once they exit the property. In the casino, the mobile app offers players a variety of features to enhance their experience while visiting a casino resort. OnPremise can easily be downloaded through the casino’s choice of online channels by entering a ‘Player ID’ to begin navigating through the user-friendly interface. Players can conveniently play favorites like slot, table, bingo and poker games, and place sports bets on their interactive device from any location within the casino resort.

Once players exit the property, OnPremise reconfigures to play-for-fun, a unique feature that enables players to continue enjoying social game themes for virtual currency gameplay.

“Any casino looking for an on-site mobile wagering solution should take a good look at OnPremise to see what it also offers players off-site,” a judge said.

Spin Ferno


International Game Technology PLC (IGT) is enhancing the casino slot tournament experience with Spin Ferno, the company’s latest advancement in integrated tournament solutions. Spin Ferno enables single or multi-site slot tournaments on IGT’s celebrated S3000 and CrystalDual cabinets, and is the world’s first automated tournament technology system for a spinning reel cabinet.

Spin Ferno electrifies the casino floor with its advanced tournament capabilities, fueled by IGT’s Tournament Manager 5.0 system. The comprehensive systems solution provides operators with a variety of innovative gaming solutions that include multi-site tournament capabilities, quick and easy transition from coin-in to tournament mode and other unique services to drive player engagement and streamline efficiencies on the casino floor. Rather than installing a tournament technology at each individual property, operators can install Spin Ferno at a central data center for tournaments that can be leveraged at multiple properties as needed. This also reduces the need for meetings with individual property slot directors and IT leaders.

Tournament Manager 5.0 also offers an immensely flexible system that permits operators to quickly and seamlessly switch cabinets from cash games to Spin Ferno tournament games within minutes. In addition, if the operator also has IGT’s patron management system, IGT Advantage, Spin Ferno tournament registration and enrollment is easy. Players can insert their player loyalty card in an S3000 cabinet to register and enroll for Spin Ferno.

Participants can enjoy dynamic real-time leaderboard updates in the games’ top boxes. Operators can post these real-time updates on monitors throughout the property to generate buzz and create floor-wide excitement and awareness about the tournament.

“IGT has caught up to and surpassed the field with Spin Ferno,” a judge said.

Infinity Skybox


Infinity Skybox from Incredible Technologies (IT) is a premium product that heightens the company’s Infinity U23 cabinet with the addition of an integrated 55-inch vertical monitor.

Infinity Skybox was created with casino operators in mind as the cabinet utilizes a modular design leveraging IT’s patent-pending Simple Sign Display Kit technology to secure the display right to the cabinet itself, meaning no sign jacks or heavy installation process is required. The signage is comfortable to the player sitting directly under it and can also be seen from patrons across the casino floor as exciting bonus events and progressive meters are brightly displayed. The flexibility of the Infinity Skybox is ideal as stand-alone or in a large bank format with linked progressives and can be simply converted to core IT content.

Infinity Skybox is not only a new cabinet; it truly is a new way of thinking. Infinity Skybox gives the impression of a jumbo cabinet, without the large floor footprint. IT has also leveraged proven math models and player-favorite games as launch titles for the cabinet, increasing game recognition and time on device. Infinity Skybox is a clear example of how IT is designing with the operator in mind.

 “Infinity Skybox looks unlike anything else on the floor and the performance is outstanding,” said a judge. “IT is a company that listens to feedback from the industry and is able to create great new concepts very quickly.”

Pulse Arena


The Pulse Arena from Interblock is an immersive, multi-sensory environment designed to offer established electronic table game players an exciting new wagering experience, while attracting the next generation of players to the casino floor.

Delivering a hybrid experience of entertainment, gambling and social interaction, the Pulse Arena can be themed to attract any type of player. Operators can set up the Pulse Arena to create a dynamic vibe, offer tournament functionality or educate beginners. Operators can even flip back and forth through themes to meet changing needs during the week or over weekends. Dealers are entertainers in the Pulse Arena—helping to pull in Millennials by creating a night club atmosphere on a casino floor. Interblock has developed unique dealer assist software that runs on an easy-to-use console, allowing dealers to focus on the players and their fun.

Central to the Pulse Arena is a video wall that delivers high-impact visual motivation stretched across all LCDs. Attention-grabbing special effects make the most of this impressive display.

This lounge offers an unlimited number of possible designs to meet each casino’s needs. With a minimum of 35 connected play stations, Pulse Arena lets casinos create the ultimate gaming hot spot.

“Interblock has not just created a great gaming product… they have taken it much further, understanding players are looking for more,” a judge said. “By incorporating the product into a multi-sensory experience, Interblock provides casino operators a full solution instead of just terminals connected to table games.”



Beautiful and elegantly designed to maximize casino space, the StarBar from Interblock is a smart solution for keeping gaming going even when players hit the bar for a refreshment break. It offers all of the video poker classics as well as player favorite Interblock games such as roulette, craps, blackjack, baccarat, sic bo and more. The games also feature many fun and exciting side bets, a Power Meter Bonus system, which shows the success percentage to the player, and Interblock’s exclusive Simultaneous Bet Prevention Technology.

StarBar is easy to install into any existing new bar counter, and can be customized to meet the unique requirements of any gaming establishment. The innovative play station has its own internal random numbers generator, meaning it can be used as a standalone bar-top gaming machine and/or be connected to external generators to play Interblock dealer-assist, multi-player video or automated games. For video poker games, StarBar features auto-hold and double-up. The games feature many fun and exciting side bets and a Power Meter Bonus system, which shows the success percentage to the player. The Power Meter can be utilized as an external bonus feature organized by the casino.

StarBar is also equipped with Interblock’s exclusive Simultaneous Bet Prevention Technology, which protects the house from players who are racking up valuable points due to revenue-neutral playing.

“The ability of StarBar to be connected to automated table games, dealer assisted games, multi-player video games or used on its own using the built in RNG really makes this game stand out,” one judge said.

Customer Authentication


Fraudsters committing identity theft and account takeover can hurt both users and online businesses alike. To combat this threat, many online businesses use authentication techniques that rely on personal information or a series of questions that can make for a poor customer user experience.

iovation has a solution to both these problems. The company’s new service, Customer Authentication, verifies a user’s identity through their own device (behind the scenes and in real-time) and adds an additional layer of defense. Rather than dealing with often frustrating or tedious authentication questions, the user can register their device to an account (“remember this device”) and have a virtually frictionless online experience. By implementing Customer Authentication, online businesses can reduce unnecessary challenge questions at login; strengthen authentication for every login attempt, not just high-risk activities; authenticate without friction for customers; and complement or substitute other step-up authentication. Authentication can easily be applied at any point a customer interacts with an online business including account registration, login, payment and more.

iovation’s authentication technology uses strong device recognition independent of cookies across desktop and mobile devices. Note that Customer Authentication (formerly device-based authentication) was only introduced to the market in 2015 and already has material interest from multiple gaming operators. Several companies, including those in the iGaming space, have recently completed integration and are sending transactions to iovation.

“Operators need to ensure critical information is kept secure while limiting the aggravation for the end user,” a judge said. “iovation’s Customer Authentication looks like a product that can do just that.”

Concerto Video Slot Machine


Konami Gaming’s new Concerto video slot machine uniquely leverages an array of new technology components in order to best utilize the size of a standard upright machine for the greatest entertainment and value.

The hardware and software components of Konami’s Concerto video slot have been expertly engineered to advance the cinematic entertainment effect and attraction of a standard upright machine in order to engage casino audiences. The cabinet was designed based on thorough research and close counsel with one of the nation’s leading industrial design firms to combine modern design elements with advanced technologies for the optimal contemporary patron experience.

The cabinet was created with product features that address player engagement on a deeper level. For example, Concerto holds the largest screen size in its class with two edge-to-edge displays for seamless visuals and boosted animation. Although larger than any standard video slot before, these screens maintain the operational convenience and practicality that operators expect from an upright machine.  As an industry first, Concerto also features a proprietary DynamicDash button panel that transforms game play into an engaging, sensory experience.

These digital advancements are supported by Konami’s new KP3+ platform. Introduced for the first time on Concerto, the enhanced processing power of KP3+ allows the cabinet to support custom digital theme elements from the topper display down to the button deck with high-resolution graphic output.

 “The 27-inch monitors bring a new pop to Konami that it has not had before,” according to one judge. “Additionally the dynamic button panel brings the game to the players’ fingertips with excellent graphics and integration into game play.”

QuickJack NEO


NRT Technology is a leader in cash access and self-service kiosks for the casino industry, and latest flagship model revealed at the 2015 G2E is the newest rendition of the renowned QuickJack pedigree. The QuickJack NEO shares the iconic exterior design of the successful QuickJack 2, but the internals are all new. The design of the NEO is packed with innovations that focus on security, cash access innovations, ergonomics and efficiency. These include:

Contactless Transactions: In preparation for the future, NFC and barcode scanner technology is available on the NEO to support contactless card transactions, and cardless mobile wallet transactions.

Cash Dispenser: The Wincor Nixdorf CMDv5 CINEO cash dispenser has integrated TPM (trusted platform module) encryption technology. This is a security protection to prevent hijacking of the cash dispenser component.

Dynamic Marketing: An innovative way to use directed advertising. The new 22-inch portrait oriented touch screen allows a rich user experience with fluid animation, the additional screen space is used to play full motion videos correspond to transaction type and value.

Ergonomic Design: NRT has been listening to the casino operators and implemented helpful features such as an interior LED work light; an internal LCD screen for servicing employees; a spill guard to prevent liquid entering in to the cabinet and damaging components; and even the small details such as a spring mounted cassette handle, allowing two cassettes can be carried with one hand.

“QuickJack NEO is forward thinking,” one judge said. “It anticipates cashless (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay) and other bar code / QR code apps.”

Beverage Ordering Service System (BOSS)


The Beverage Ordering Service System, or BOSS, from Scientific Games is a product that works on a multitude of levels from the front of the house to the back of the house. BOSS allows customers to order drinks at the touch of a button, helps staff fulfill drink orders in a timely fashion and assists marketing teams in optimizing the power of their loyalty programs.

BOSS works at the player level via the crisp and bright iVIEW screen, allowing players to scroll through drink selections, personalize drink selections and create their custom order, all while playing their base game.

Once drink orders are made by players, they are automatically routed to the BDS (beverage display station), and the “progress bar” begins at the bottom of their screen. This bar indicates to the player that their beverage order was received, and gives them the ability to track the progress of their beverage until it is delivered to them at their seat. The BDS is a touchscreen application that sits behind the bar, much like a point of sale system. This application provides the bartenders and servers the ability to view the drinks in detail as they come in from the casino floor.

Even more impressive, BOSS is available via an app that can be loaded onto an iTouch or iPhone device which can be conveniently worn on the server’s wrist. This feature allows servers to create drink orders for both slot and table customers.

“I love this product!” a judge said. “BOSS takes the randomness and inconsistency out of the drink ordering equation, and proper use can dramatically reduce or eliminate drink service complaints from the casino floor.”

i-Deal Plus


Introduced in 2007, Shuffle Master’s i-Deal single-deck shuffler brought a new level of speed and accuracy to single-deck games like our Three Card Poker brand and other specialty table games. The i-Deal shuffler also offers an unprecedented level of security and key features including card recognition technology, fast, efficient operation and a low-profile design. The new i-Deal Plus from Shuffle Master offers enhancements to all of these key features and more.

Featuring a front-mounted display, casinos can now show game logos, table limits, paytables and videos without added signage, taking table game marketing to all new levels right at the table. An all-new on-board printer allows casinos to not only recall winning or disputed hands but also print out verification right at the table. This added feature means extra efficiency and game integrity for unmatched table game security. The security card feature and redesigned output tray also help to virtually eliminate “flashing” the hole card, further protecting game integrity.

One of the fastest single-deck shuffler on the market, the new i-Deal Plus helps operators grow revenue by increasing hands per hour and enhances productivity by eliminating game downtime caused by hand shuffling, delivering significant cost savings to customers.

“I really like the on board printer that allows for hand recalls without the surveillance review or having to run back the cards,” one judge said.

Space Invaders Evolution


Space Invaders Evolution from Scientific Games takes classic arcade and slot gaming to a whole new place with skill-based play.

Showcasing three jackpots, the skill-based Space Invaders Bonus and free spins, players can choose a guaranteed bonus or put their skills to the test in a game of Space Invaders. Skill-based bonuses are determined by how many aliens the player can shoot down with their space ship and avoiding missiles to earn jackpot points.

Space Invaders Evolution, released under the WMS brand, is housed in the BLADE S32 cabinet, is adorned with brilliant recreations of the original Bally/Midway art and sound. The cabinet features two dual 32-inch screens in the style of the company’s Metascreen technology. The high-definition displays deliver a premium, high-impact “wow” factor to any slot floor while providing superior player readability.

The cabinet also features an ergonomic, 10.4-inch, tablet-style button panel with a multi-touch screen for accurate inputs and improved gameplay integration. This is where the Space Invaders controls live.

Space Invaders Evolution features six reels, 60 lines and a 500 credit max bet with a three-level standalone progressive for skill players.

“This product will appeal to both Baby Boomers who grew up with Atari and Gen Xers and Millennials looking for a ‘skill-based’ game,” said one judge.

TwinStar slot cabinet


Scientific Games latest slot offering is the new TwinStar cabinet which combines the best technology from both Bally and WMS. This for-sale cabinet supports Bally- and WMS- branded content, giving casino operators more game content.

Scientific Games has also developed exclusive new game titles for TwinStar to take advantage of the processing power of this trailblazing new platform. Game themes include player-favorite Bally and WMS brands such as Gold Fish, Quick Shot and Zeus, along with exciting new games like Steam Dream and Hot Blooded.

Innovations featured on this new cabinet include the new ArgOS state-of-the-art operating platform that allows games from WMS and Bally to be played on one machine; the ability for casinos to customize their game offerings to the tastes and trends of their players; the award-winning iDeck button deck by offering a 150 percent larger area for player interaction; dual, 24-inch HD screens showcase beautiful graphics and gameplay; a 22-inch full HD digital topper offered in two distinctive styles that includes chrome details and edge lighting; and an enhanced digital sound package.

“We should have more products like this that ‘merge’ the best of the best that a manufacturer offers,” a judge said. “Cabinets are expensive... having a large game library of both WMS and Bally titles that will run on a single platform is a win-win.”



Social Media Gateways is the developer of SSNAPP Casino and social intelligence solutions. SSNAPP is the first platform that provides social intelligence, engagement automation, gamification and predictive intelligence for optimizing customer engagement in a single solution.

SSNAPP solves the missing social intelligence challenge to the valuable guest/player profile. Historically casinos are the best in the business at knowing who their customers are and also for their ability to incorporate highly-sophisticated tools to manage Big Data and enable higher-accuracy of their target markets. With SSNAPP casinos are able to combine the current data from their casino management system with SSNAPP’s social data. SSNAPP allows the business to understand their social audience and what drives them to engage. The solution also provides a full picture of the guest/player’s profile and their network of friends to unlimited levels with predictive analysis and life-time value. This capability allows operators to see the most complete and accurate customer profile available to today’s market, in addition to increasing monetization.

“Casinos need to up their game in regards to social media engagement and SSNAPP looks like a great tool for that,” a judge said.

Tangam Academy


Tangam Academy is a revolutionary new technology that has helped advance table games yield management knowledge to over 3,000 table games personnel around the world.

The first of its kind for the table games industry, this online self-paced learning platform allows users to benefit from learning at their own schedule, pace and setting. Built with Tangam’s wealth of expertise in data science and table games analysis, Tangam Academy was launched in 2015 to provide a solid understanding of the science and math that drives yield management decision making.

Open to anyone across the globe for free, Tangam Academy empowers table games employees with the knowledge they need to be successful in their roles, and driving business outcomes that promote the patron experience and increase table games profits. The learning modules provide in-depth understanding on topics ranging from player behavior to dynamic management. A new mathematical model is introduced that outlines the complex relationship between all the variables that affect table profitability. Each variable is explained with simple examples and the participant is tested at the end of each lesson to test their knowledge before moving on to a more advanced concept.

Throughout these modules, participants learn how to use data to manage table yield. Furthermore, they understand a data driven approach to measuring the performance of table games.

“Tangam Academy is the perfect tool for casinos to teach some basic and more complex principles when it comes to yield management on table games,” said a judge.