CountR Cash Systems, a leader in casino kiosk products worldwide, has released its most recent innovative technology, named Tickets at the Table, or TITA— the first of its kind micro-ticket redemption and issuing device for table games.

“After several years of refinement with assistance and input from commercial and tribal casinos, the product has evolved to have the flexibility to meet the needs of casinos that have one or 100 table games,” said Chris Bennett, vice president of  CountR Americas.

Bennett explains, “At the simplest configuration level, TITA is able to track incoming cash and TITO tickets. At the conclusion of play, the dealer counts the customer’s chips, and rather than needing to ‘color up’ chips, just input the amount, and a TITO ticket is presented to the dealer to give to the customer.”

TITA also has the ability to track win/loss for each table, as well as the table game floor and products reports that benefit and increase the accuracy of the table count and reconciliation. Chip inventory (opener, fills, adjustments and ending inventory) can quickly be input via a pad for each table, resulting in perfect reconciling the day’s business.

Even better, supervisors are alerted to transactions that require their approval, and can quickly approve with just one touch on the pad. This feature allows the casino to have an audit trail of each table, operator, pit and floor. It also greatly increases hands per hour and allows supervisors more time to address the needs of their customers and dealers.

According to CountR press materials, when a bunch note acceptor is added in place of the drop box, acceptance of up to 30 pieces of currency or tickets is automatically transferred to the table totals. Counterfeit bills are rejected, and there is a ticket printed at the end of the dealer’s shift, casino shift or day with a report that shows all media in and out.

“Customers like being given a ticket to cash out at a kiosk, to play slots,” Bennett said. “Players can also come from slots and the TITA accepts the ticket, the players are issued chips and gaming continues with little slowing of the game.

“The casino has a quick return on its investment, fills are reduced, the cage can engage customers to increase business, player cross play is encouraged and marketing has a new tool to attract players,” Bennett added.