Portland, Ore.-based OnArrival Surveillance is now offering gaming operators license plate recognition (LPR) technology that leverages the solutions the company developed for the demanding needs of law enforcement in accuracy, performance, reliability and scalability.

According to company press materials, the solution provides the resources needed for surveillance departments to identify risks while providing marketing departments with valuable data about the visiting pattern and origin of their customers.

OnArrival Casino License Plate Recognition System employs Streaming Networks innovative LPR technology to accurately read the license plates of American, Canadian and European countries. The system can read misaligned license plates, vertically stacked characters and plates partially hidden by plate frames. Each vehicle arriving and exiting the property is documented by date, time, overview image and optically recognized license plate.

The LPR system can monitor a hot list up to 10,000,000 entries and send alerts as e-mail or SMS notifications, along with snapshots of the vehicle and its license plate to signal hot plate encounters. Hotlists can be used to identify excluded individuals, advantage players, law enforcement wanted suspects, or user defined category of visitor as they arrive at the property and before entering the gaming floor. Hotlists can be divided into categories to provide for different levels of notification.

From a data mining perspective, OnArrival’s advanced analytics package allows properties to leverage the surveillance tool to provide valuable statistics to casino operators. Current analytics functions include patron visits, vehicles on property, plate recurrence and origin distribution, to name a few. This information can be used to determine the impact of entertainment and/or promotions on the number of guest visits, length of stay and guest origin. The review of historical data will provide insight into the future scheduling of staff and events.

OnArrival’s LPR system also features open architecture, which allows for stand-alone operation or full integration into existing surveillance system’s monitoring console. The product does not require a specific vendor’s LPR camera as well.

Contact sales@oas-lpr.com for more info.