Among the 11 new mature standards recently released by the Gaming Standards Association (GSA) were PUI (Player User Interface) v1.0 and EMDI (EGM Media Display Interface) v3.0. The two breakthrough standards directly address operators’ business needs, getting new content to players. The new standards streamline both development and implementation of equipment and systems that drive operator-player communication.
“The Player User Interface Committee has been very clear in expressing operators’ challenges and needs. Among those is a strong desire for more significant player-to-system interactions at the gaming device,” said Committee Chair John Taylor. “Our committee worked very hard to establish these two standards to abridge both development and implementation surrounding player user interface equipment, and to allow operators to take full advantage of this exciting technology to benefit their players.”
Byron Bridger, director of marketing - Destination at Atlantic Lottery and a GSA BOD member, said, “As operators, the player user interface is a tool that allows us to provide services to our players, like communications, property information and loyalty programs. These two new standards directly answer operators’ business needs.”
The PUI (Player User Interface) v1.0 standard clearly defines development parameters, and therefore greatly simplifies the development process. The standard includes a series of common PUI templates with requirements for deploying those templates on different EGM display sizes. Additionally, the PUI v1.0 describes the requirements for PUI windows, identifies the minimum Flash and HTML requirements and discusses the isolation of the PUI environment from the EGM. 
In concert with PUI v1.0, the new EMDI (EGM Media Display Interface) v3.0 standard allows PUI content to use this protocol to communicate directly with the EGM. In this update, the protocol has been extended to provide additional functionality demanded by operators, such as game-change events and more information about the state of player loyalty cards – updates that empower operators to further enhance player customer service.
The new PUI v1.0 and EMDI v3.0 are two of 11 standards GSA recently released, all of which were designed specifically to further enhance the global gaming industry and unleash the creativity of its developers. Each of the standards is available for free to all GSA members on GSA’s website,