KamaGames, a global developer and publisher of social games for mobile platforms & PlayStation Network, announced the launch of its latest social casino title 3D BlackJack via the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

This latest release from KamaGames follows the 6th birthday celebrations for its flag ship title Pokerist Texas Poker which was the developer and publisher's first social casino title released worldwide launching first on Facebook and then on iOS and Android on 28th May 2010. Since then, the game has been localized into 28 different languages including Arabic, Indonesian, and Hindi and released on the Yahoo store, Windows Phone Store, Amazon Apps Store and Apple TV. To date over 81 million players around the world have sat down at the Pokerist's tables making it the #1 Top Grossing App on the Apple App Store in 89 countries as well as being in the Top 5 Google Play Grossing Apps in 24 countries.    
Daniel Kashti, KamaGames' chief marketing officer said "We are incredibly proud of Pokerist's huge success over the years and wanted to say a big thank you to all of our players and supporters that have made the game what it is and it's fantastic to see that Pokerist is more than just a social casino game to so many of our players. Pokerist's incredible reach and long lasting legacy, provides KamaGames with a unique view into the social casino ecosystem. We have found that a vast number of our players use the game to not just play poker but also - and in some regions mostly - to interact with other players. We were absolutely amazed to see that over the past 6 years over 4 billion player-to-player chat messages were sent at the table, 1.3 billion private messages were sent between players, over 200 million new connections were made and a staggering 500 billion gifts were sent between our players".
As well as these interesting player insights, KamaGames also released details of it's in-game research findings from the past 6 years that showed over 2.8 trillion hands of poker have been played since 2010 with more than 70,000 trillion chips being won, the biggest win by a single player of all time being 50 billion.
"We are so incredibly lucky to have such an in-depth game insight solution here at KamaGames which not only allows us to focus on our areas of growth but also gives us some eye-opening and fun facts too" Kashti continued, "for example, it was interesting to see that Hong Kong and Singapore have the more advanced players in the game. When it comes to socializing through the game, our research found that players from Russia were the most flirting (yet Romania was the runner-up when we factored in market size), but the country that sends the most virtual kisses was actually the USA! When we looked at the trends, it became clear that the social aspect of the game has increased over the years (double digits), with the game taking a more prominent place in player's interactions with their Pokerist friends and we are expecting 3D BlackJack to continue this shift".
Launching KamaGames' 3D BlackJack is the first of its titles to feature true motion captured table action giving players a unique gaming experience never seen before in a social casino title. As well as stunning 3D graphics, embedded chat system, and a simple to use, one tap user interface, 3D BlackJack takes full advantage of KamaGames' single account and shared login system which means players can seamlessly move their profile across other titles in the KamaGames catalogue including Pokerist Texas Poker and Roulettist.
"KamaGames is constantly looking to innovate and improve on our already high standard of quality games and to also deliver a slick and truly social experience that we are becoming known for. After significant investment in researching and experimenting with motion capture technologies, it is fantastic to see such impressive results. Converting a classic single player game into a multiplayer experience is at the heart of this product," commented Kashti.