VisuaLimits announced results of an intensive test of its VL‐Focus visual‐analytics table limit signs following deployment on the gaming tables at Greektown Casino in Detroit, Mich.
“Greektown was able to achieve an initial aggregate 10 percent increase in ‘hands‐per‐hour’ on tables where our VL‐Focus limit‐signs were installed,” said Perry Stasi, CEO of VisuaLimits. “The new, real‐time, optical‐analytics capabilities of our previously passive wager‐limit signs have now proven to give a significant increase in live‐game performance. The actual results far surpass our five percent target and shows an absolute lift in revenue,” he continued. “We are actually seeing increases that are more than double our original estimates.”
Ron Gordon, vice president of table games at Greektown Casino, said, “VL‐Focus has exceeded our expectations for revenue improvement with a 10 percent increase in hands‐per‐hour. Impressively, the system now gives our dealers real‐time feedback on their performance, while providing casino management with the ability to communicate and reinforce dealing performance goals at each tap‐in.”
“The increase in dealer performance alone with VL‐Focus will allow Greektown to recoup their investment in less than six months,” added Stasi, “and it has provided the ROI justification for installing VL‐Focus on approximately 200 more tables at two sister properties.”