DataSpade introduces QuickFind—its new CRM Dashboard software solution that enables players club, hosts and marketing departments to access on demand player data under one simplified software solution. Ready for use on PC or mobile devices, casino employees can access player information on the fly and update important account details. QuickFind is simple to install, use and is easily accessible via a browser.  Assign hosts, identify high end patrons, view players points earned and check player statistics for comping decisions—all on demand.

QuickFind creates a simple, unified and intuitive interface that can be used in sync with all gaming departments to retrieve player data as needed in real time. Hosts can research and identify quality players, past due and new players, quick-loss players and more. QuickFind also allows gaming departments to create and run top level gaming summaries and has many different reporting options to choose from for all gaming activity.

Manage player relationships better by integrating the gaming departments onto one unified software solution. Your data on demand—QuickFind.

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PromoGroup, which was founded in 1970, is a consumer and employee digital marketing company.  PromoGroup is developing a unique Social Gaming APP with a partner that specializes in the building very unique games for the gaming industry. This app is built in a way to monetize revenue for the casinos, drive additional foot traffic, and acquire new player reward customers. 

PromoGroup Rewards’ Social Gaming APP provides casino properties the unique opportunity to fully engage their most profitable consumer segments while attracting a new generation of players.  Within the APP, Players will be able to take advantage of numerous promos, bonus offers and real world rewards that are dedicated to driving traffic on to the casino floor.

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Drive additional revenue with a complete sales program for your hosts with Raving Consulting.

A successful player development training program is not only teaching your hosts to be better at telemarketing or servicing VIPs or “shaking hands and kissing babies.”  What Raving provides is a complete sales program which includes data analysis dedicated to player development (not direct marketing), successful sales skills training with day to day job application and a measurement tool to hold your team accountable.  This is a proven program that Raving has delivered to more than 60 properties worldwide.

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SCA Gaming is the most experienced promotion solutions provider in the gaming industry. Working with hundreds of casinos globally, developing more than 4,500 promotions, SCA routinely delivers promotions designed to help casinos enhance their brand, increase market share and drive sustained profitability. Multi-channel solutions include integrated kiosk promotions, internet and mobile offerings, and high-impact game shows for the casino floor. Promotional prize coverage is available up to $5,000,000.

Guest Engagement Management System (GEMS) is SCA’s next generation in leading-edge customer relationship development. The GEM system is unique in that it combines customer service systems, loyalty solutions and unparalleled promotion design and implementation. Configurable system settings are designed to empower users with campaign management. In GEMS, SCA Gaming has created a platform supported by customizable solutions to meet each casino’s individual needs.

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VizExplorer provides Operational Intelligence (Oi) solutions to the gaming, manufacturing and sports and entertainment industries. The next generation in data driven decision making, Oi delivers on the promise of business intelligence by letting businesses analyze live, fast-changing data and take immediate action using a single toolset. VizExplorer’s applications and tools enable enterprises to address smart space and profit optimization, marketing campaign management, CRM and customer service, including:

greetViz—customer service automation solution to dynamically respond to guests in real-time to drive loyalty and return visits;

floorViz—advanced space optimization solution to increase profits and maximize gaming floor ROI;

campaignViz—marketing campaign management solution, complete with test and control to better segment audiences to deliver targeted campaigns to high value players;

hostViz—robust CRM tool featuring advanced player management and development capability for hosts, and team performance reporting for host managers; and

techViz—real-time service and dispatch management solution to maximize efficiency of your service department and drive slot floor profitability.

 VizExplorer is led by a team of distinguished Oi experts, seasoned industry veterans and world class software developers devoted to building the very best products backed by extraordinary support.

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