By any measure, Oklahoma is home to one of the nation’s largest tribal gaming marketplaces, consisting of 132 properties that generated in the neighborhood of $4.08 in gaming revenue for FY2014, according to a report from RubinBrown LLP.

One of the unique facets of this marketplace is that this revenue is generated by an eclectic mix of gaming products, thanks to tribal operators’ continued use of Class II slot machine and related wagering devices. For this reason, the trade show floor of the annual Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association Show (OIGA), which was held July 25-27 at the Cox Business Center in Tulsa, Okla., attracted a wide variety of prominent gaming product manufacturers and casino service providers. What follows are some highlighted products and recent news from OIGA trade show vendors in their own words:


InfoGenesis Flex from Agilysys is a commercial-grade mobile POS solution designed by the gaming industry to better serve the gaming industry. Not your ordinary POS tablets, these are the first commercial-grade tablets certified for use in less conventional environments, offering unprecedented reliability and performance over the previous generation’s mobile POS.

Agilysys InfoGenesis Flex is the first drop-resistant and shock-resistant POS tablet with a longer battery life and broader temperature tolerances. These progressive POS devices enable casino properties to more confidently connect, interact and transact with patrons. Guest service is simplified while delivering a seamless experience that’s ideal for casino floors, convention areas, kiosks, beverage carts, poolside and much more.



Mega Blackjack, AGS’ mega-cool, fast-paced blackjack variation, takes players on a ride for bigger wins where blackjacks pay three to one and up to 10 to one for an ace and king of spades. All other 21s pay three to two, and winning bets push if the dealer busts with four or more cards.

With an optional Buster Blackjack side bet, players can also win odds-based payouts when a dealer busts with four or more cards. The more cards in the dealer’s busted hand, the higher the payout players receive for their Buster bet. Players can win both their blackjack bet and Buster bet when the dealer busts. When operators include the optional Buster Blackjack side bet as an insurance-type wager, Mega Blackjack turns a player-favorite card game into a truly epic table game experience.



The new DFS-500 Kiosk from DiTRONICS is an “all in-one” solution that optimizes the player experience directly at the kiosk, cage and via DiTRONICS’ digital wallet. Housed in state of-the-art hardware, the DFS-500 Kiosk maximizes efficiency through exclusive software enhancements for ticket redemption, bill breaking, ATM, cash advance and check cashing transactions.

Proprietary DiTRONICS’ Vantage software options include: Transaction Rewards which integrates funds access applications directly with a casino’s player database; Check Express which allows players to simply swipe their player card and enter a PIN to cash checks directly at the DFS-500 Kiosk—eliminating the need for players to wait in long lines at the cage; SMART Dispense technology that reduces wear and tear on the kiosk while improving the player experience; and new JACKPOT Pay technology that makes jackpot pays a breeze—available on one, several or all of a casino’s ticket redemption kiosks—enhancing customer service by saving time and money while eliminating costly additional equipment.



Known for consistently delivering superior casino seating over the last 40 years, Gary Platt Manufacturing is introducing its new
X2-Tended Play Series.

The X2-Tended Play Series (X2 Series) continues the tradition of unsurpassed comfort by enhancing the performance of some of the company’s very successful classic designs, and adding an entirely new flagship line—The LIDO X2.

With the additional ergonomic sculpting and plush toppers, the X2 Series creates more comfort and player involvement, which leads to longer play-time. Every Gary Platt chair is hand-crafted to enhance the floor’s interior design, and engineered for durability, and longevity. The X2 series is truly the next generation of quality casino seating.



Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), a global leader in online systems and iGaming testing, has released its newest white paper, “iGaming Information Security Management: Is Your Business Adequately Protected?”

There are five reasons why you should read it; it will highlight GLI’s ability to…

• Discuss your concerns about network infrastructure security;

• Advise about data loss from players or your company;

• Assist you to ensure security when working with third parties;

• Provide effective personalized planning to maximize system uptime; and

• Work closely with you for continued compliance and ongoing risk mitigation.

In addition to the white paper, GLI has also launched an iGaming webpage with additional information about their unique iGaming services, which can be found at



International Game Technology PLC (IGT) is bringing Hollywood’s hottest hangouts to casino floors by way of TMZ Video Slots. TMZ slots is an upbeat Premium title, perfect for the entertainment-seeking player. TMZ Video Slots is offered in penny or nickel denominations and is IGT’s first game to include an in-game camera that can capture a player’s “selfie” and incorporate it into base and bonus game play. The five-reel game base game uses the TMZ newsroom for its backdrop and showcases imagery of TMZ host Harvey Levin and many widely recognized celebrities, along with video clips from the top-rated TMZ television show. Lucky players will enjoy the game’s three bonus rounds including the “Celebrity Safari Bonus,” the “TMZ Mug Shots Free Spins Bonus,” and the “The TMZ Celebrity Spin Cycle Bonus.”

TMZ Video Slots is housed on the CrystalCore cabinet which gives players pristine visuals on a 42-inch touchscreen display, along with access to an on‐cabinet mobile device charging port.



Operators, rejoice! The revolution has arrived as Nanoptix is proud to present the Paycheck NextGen TITO printer: No more half-tickets, jams, wasted TITO tickets or expensive add-ons for future innovations. The future is now.

The Paycheck NextGen revolutionizes printers with its completely straight and integrated anti-jamming paper path, guaranteeing a complete printed ticket every time and its “last ticket” paper-low sensor which detects the last one or two tickets, eliminating 10-15 wasted tickets per stack.  In addition to several other features, the NextGen has future-proof connectivity with its five USB ports (three hosts and two slaves), Ethernet port, MicroSD reader, HDMI port and BlueTooth capability, making this printer ready for upcoming technology features whether from Nanoptix or other game manufacturers.



Feel the power of stampeding buffalo come to life with the new Red Spin Thunder from Video Gaming Technologies (VGT). High-energy bonus features on the XSpin video platform will keep high stakes gamblers coming back to this new Class II, three reel video game.

Red Spin Thunder is part of the new Red Spin Gambler Series of games and features Red Spins where every spin is a guaranteed winner and the added bonus of an increasing multiplier. Not only does Red Spin Thunder include VGT’s legendary Red Spins, but players can choose to bet from one to five lines per game from the button deck.



YWS Design & Architecture is a visionary global leader in leisure design specializing in hospitality, gaming, retail, dining and entertainment environments. The company’s ability to combine owner vision with market-driven design helps to deliver world-class luxury properties and turnkey leisure design solutions. YWS is leading the leisure design industry, grounding every project in consumer and market insights, brand development and visioning, enabling them to design iconic environments that delight consumers and bring client visions to life.

Founded in 2001, YWS has offices in Las Vegas and Singapore, strategically located in the world’s leisure and entertainment markets.