Cliff Castle Casino Hotel in Camp Verde, AZ, proudly welcomes Carmen Andree as hotel director.
Andree brings 20 years of experience in corporate hotels, luxury resorts, gaming properties, and more than 10 years of executive management to the position. Most recently having worked at the Quechan Casino Resort/Paradise Casino in Winterhaven, CA, and Yuma, AZ, Andree created team training programs, worked closely to ensure high-end casino guests were accommodated, oversaw multiple divisions including; the front desk, reservations, valet, and retail outlets. Andree has the experience to lead the Cliff Castle Casino Hotel team to new levels with the expansion project soon to be completed. 
Andree chose to relocate to the high desert terrain of Arizona because “the opportunity presented itself to work at a growing and expanding casino property in a one of a kind location. This new challenge with a soon to be completed hotel provides me a new challenge and the opportunity to showcase my skills at a location that is already known for fun, entertainment, and great family atmosphere. I look forward to working closely with the Cliff Castle Casino Hotel team to reach new levels in the hospitality industry.”
Andree began working with the property on June 1, 2016, and is considered a vital piece to the expanding property. Cliff Castle Casino Hotel General Manager, Mary Ketterling shared, “the addition of Carmen Andree to the team is another piece of the puzzle that fits into place during our expansion and enhancements during 2016. We are pleased to have Carmen as a part of the team and look forward to the achievements we can all enjoy together.”