Casino marketing strategy in the 21st century is not remotely close to the 20th century version. 

Among the factors spurring this transition:

• States have created emerging new markets;

• Existing gaming states are under pressure from within their states as well as with bordering states; and

• Online gaming is becoming a factor.

So what is the right strategy to compete in such a marketplace? Well, we stress the initiation of trial and capturing market share as interlocking. If we are looking to initiate trial, we need to look towards social media and product promotions that reach and appeal to that audience. Rymax has been in front of the revenue shift as we saw that ancillary services were creating a greater revenue stream than gaming. This was due to the aging of the Boomers and the emergence of the Millennials. As a result, we took an in-depth look into all social media so that we could speak to the broadest possible audience.

Casino promotions and calls to action via various sites are important, but creating a social network that reinforces the attributes of the casino and its promotions through actual players is paramount. We have found that through traditional social media platforms such as a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we have been able to drive engagement, customer acquisition and retention.

Facebook is consistently the most successful platform to run marketing campaigns and drive engagement through contests and promotions. It is a great platform to connect current and potential clients with the different events and activities we have on our main webpage, our blog pages or our success in the media. However, Facebook is starting to be less of a force for the younger demographic, and that demographic is quick to seize upon opportunities at the spur of a moment.

This is where Twitter and Instagram continue to be a successful stage to communicate with and acquire new customers. With weekly Twitter talks and Instagram campaigns, we are able to reach out to existing customers as well as prospective ones to understand their needs and wants, as well as conversing with some of the industry’s leading experts.

Social media is a vital proponent of the marketing strategy as it provides invaluable data about what the players like, don’t like and want to see more of. It allows us to tailor our programs to fit the targeted audience and successfully promote, implement and maintain our programs in the casino industry. With over 350 brands and 10,000 products, we can find the right motivating promotions that can cross gaming and other services to drive revenue. These brands can also create differentiation in a crowded market through unique product bundles and user experience.

User experience or experiential events are the key to taking player loyalty to the next level.

In this social environment when “sharing” your experience with immediacy is important, there is nothing more powerful than an event at the property and the sharing of it. The impromptu announcement of a product giveaway or experience draws traffic. And the residual effect of the event has additional legs on social sites.

All that said, it’s important that the brands being offered are aspirational. With that in mind, the chart running with this column shows to logos for some of the products we have added to our portfolio of offerings this year. Note that most of these brands have never been in rewards programs before and they are very powerful draws for players and non-players alike.