As the major slot manufacturers prep for this year’s Global Gaming Expo (G2E), which will take place September 27-29 at the Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas, machine cabinets and supporting technologies appear to be first and foremost on their minds and in their displays. Indeed, based on the new product descriptions provided by these companies and excerpted below, it seems every single slot provider at G2E plans on showcasing either new or improved cabinets that, thanks to improvements in screens, sound and computing technologies, are taller and more dynamic than ever before.

Of course, this does not mean the new game side of business has been neglected. New titles from slot vendors are based on an eclectic mix of subject matter, ranging from kitschy TV fare such as the Sharknadofranchise to classic Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe. Companies are also displaying their latest innovations for slot systems technology, including mobile cashless payment systems and floorwide tournament capabilities.

This is only the tip of the iceberg of slot product innovation that will be featured on the G2E show floor. Read on to experience the full scope of each slot provider’s G2E vision, in their own words:   



G2E booth number: 1253

A prime new booth location and dynamic new product offerings will serve as an extraordinary backdrop to “Play Harder” and “Play Smarter” with the new AGS at this year’s Global Gaming Expo in booth 1253.

As a leading supplier of Class II and Class III gaming machines, as well as specialty table products and social casino games, AGS has strategically delivered on its numerous acquisitions in 2015 to enhance its product library, expand its global footprint and successfully deliver competitive, high-performing products across the casino floor. 

Operators will see their floors in a whole new light with the star of the show—AGS’ striking new Orion cabinet. Ushering AGS into the competitive premium hardware marketplace, Orion features a first-of-its-kind emotive lighting design that captures the attention of players like no other before. At the heart of Orion is a 42-inch HD monitor, set in portrait mode and exquisitely enveloped in a ring of nearly 500 game-controlled, full-color, emotive LED lights that reflect against the clean, chrome base material, visually enlarging the cabinet. When placed in bank configurations, Orion’s stunning design creates a virtual billboard of excitement that leads players into AGS’ top-performing, dynamic game content.

Launching with a flush-mount button deck and the latest HD audio with a self-contained subwoofer, Orion’s player interface and sound design amplify the cabinet’s immersive design and further entice players into AGS’ engaging game content. Black glass on the button deck attracts customers and its ergonomic features and large, easy-to-use player interface keep players comfortable for longer time on device. Stealthily engineered with an upper and lower door, easily accessible switches and internal lighting, Orion was built for exceptionally easy servicing. Its self-contained logic and use of a common platform also eliminate the need for multiple servers.

Three new titles debuting on Orion this year will expose players to AGS’ impressive game content—Fire Wolf II, Fu Nan Fu Nu and Wolf Queen. Built with the core-gambler in mind, these games feature AGS’ popular PowerXStream pay evaluation, stunning graphics and incredible sound packages that captivate players and keep them coming back for more.

Complementing AGS’ new Orion cabinet within the booth will be the immersive, eye-catching, core cabinet ICON. Featuring two flush-mounted 23-inch HD LCDs and an integrated digital sound system, the ICON cabinet delivers a truly compelling player experience. Its remarkable visual effects enhance AGS’ new suite of customized, premium game content and play mechanics, including three new core-gambler style titles that will be on display—Fire Wolf II, Fu Cat and Queen of Wonderland Fierce Factor.

The mammoth presence of AGS’ Big Red cabinet featuring Colossal Diamonds is also a must-see. This trend-setting game remains one of the most highly consistent performers on casino floors, entertaining and attracting players across the country. With nearly 250 placements across 23 states, its three-reel, single payline and large, vibrant graphics feature simple, classic gameplay that awards appealing and frequent payouts thanks to its unique high-denom betting structure.



G2E booth number: 2059

Ainsworth Game Technology’s G2E 2016 exhibit will be highlighted by the innovative A600 cabinet, which incorporates the company’s long-standing knowledge into an exciting new product for its casino partners.

The A600 takes existing Ainsworth technology to the next level with larger screens, dynamic lighting effects and a state-of-the-art LCD touchscreen button deck. These innovations will allow the math models and quality gaming experience that have made Ainsworth successful globally for years to play out bigger and brighter than ever before.

“The A600 launch continues the tremendous growth and progress we have seen in North America over the past year,” said Mike Dreitzer, president-North America for Ainsworth. “It has been an exciting year for Ainsworth. We opened our 291,000-square-foot North American headquarters in Las Vegas and began offering our Class II gaming products after our acquisition of Nova Technologies. Now we continue our momentum with the release of the A600, which is built to perform with the highest engineering and reliability standards and an extensive game library.”

The A600 includes the high-end graphics, high-resolution screens and interactive button decks that are expected by today’s operators and players. Two 24-inch screen and game-driven lighting effects enable players to experience Ainsworth’s world-renowned games in an entirely new way on the A600. A LCD touchscreen button deck gives an innovative look and feel, while allowing less downtime during software changes; operators will never have to change this button deck.

The sleek A600 will be showcased with a full library of game titles—including the proven games developed for the A560 Dual Screen, alongside a variety of games designed exclusively for this new cabinet.



G2E booth number: 1141

Making connections with customers is at the heart of any brand. Whether the interaction between casino and player is at the game, online or mobile, Aristocrat Technologies is leading the gaming industry with the diversity, performance and innovation it takes to bring casino brands and patrons together in engaging and meaningful ways.

Now at G2E 2016, Aristocrat will show global casino customers the key to winning as an operator and to winning in the future is a connected global gaming perspective that strengthens operator-patron interaction.

Operators know that no two players are alike, which is why Aristocrat offers its customers the most diverse product portfolio in gaming, one that has been created to appeal to every type of casino player. Entertainment-seekers, jackpot-hunters, core gamers and players who love top entertainment brands will find exactly what they are looking for in Aristocrat games.

Of course, games are nothing without performance, and Aristocrat’s substantial R&D process helps create games that arrive on the scene as the future of the floor, standing on a solid footing of experience to create winning games in Class II and Class III. Its diverse portfolio of performing games is brought to life by unsurpassed innovation, and Aristocrat is creating the trends and changing the face of the floor. This innovation is on sharp display in a collection of new cabinets, including a new stepper product that is a fruit of the Class III and Class II technology integration of Aristocrat and VGT.

Operators whose players love top entertainment brands will thrill to the lineup of new licensed titles Aristocrat will showcase including Tim McGraw, Sharknadoand My Cousin Vinny. Additionally, the new Dragon Link linked game builds on the global success of Lightning Link and takes the excitement to the next level.

Aristocrat’s line of for sale games includes the blending of two incredible categories, Wonder 4 Wonder Wheel; the new multi-play product Quick Fire Flaming Jackpots; and the new Spin It Grand, a four-level progressive family.

VGT will show the new Ovation platform that brings player-favorite Aristocrat content to the Class II space. VGT will also show high denomination versions of its popular Mr. Moneybags, Hot Red Ruby, Lucky Ducky and Polar High Roller games, along with new Red Spin Lock Zone and Newton the Nudger products.

Today’s reality for operators is the competitor is not just the casino down the street, it’s all forms of entertainment; and with that increased entertainment competition, having more tools to differentiate the entire enterprise is critical. Aristocrat’s Oasis 360 Brand Connectivity Suite helps operators increase customer interaction with a range of integrated solutions that arm the enterprise with tools, empowering them to use marketing budgets most effectively—giving them layers of marketing programs so they have options as varied as their patrons.



G2E booth number: 2659

Aruze Gaming is “Changing the Game” and will be hosting multiple products at this year’s Global Gaming Expo. 

The Cube-X platform continues to grow with the recently introduced Cube-X Vertical, which starts with the comfort of choosing your bet with the stunning LCD button panel and then gracefully looking up at the vertically integrated 42-inch HD monitor.  Just to keep the excitement going, Aruze decided to add a 23-inch customized topper with LED effects to compliment the cabinet lighting.

Aruze Gaming will also showcase its Cube-X Vertical 80, which uses two 42-inch vertical monitors to create a more realistic visual experience. This cabinet was launched this past summer with two new games—Ultimate Eruption and Caribbean Rose. The newest titles coming out exclusively on the Cube-X Vertical machines feature three different frames in which players can choose their own overlay multiplier. At this year’s show, there will be five titles displayed for Cube-X Vertical with the first two available already— Tower Stack Lion and Tower Stack Dragon. In addition, all Tower Stack titles will be available on the Cube-X Vertical 80 concept with a four-level progressive jackpot. 

Cube-X Ultimate, the extravagant eight-foot stepper cabinet, will be a must see at the Expo. With the 999.9 Gold Wheel series being such a hit since its release last September, Aruze Gaming expanded their library to eight themes, which will be showcased at their booth. Of the eight themes available, four are set up as three-reel and the remaining four as five-reel. The iconic mechanical wheel, which is very popular among players, engages players in a unique new way.

Aruze continues to support their core Cube-X Innovator and video products. Happy Festival brings linked jackpot play to the Chinese Gods series on the Cube-X Video platform with five titles to support the series. For the Cube-X Innovator platform, Apex Tiger is the latest thriller to join the very successful Burning Hot Jackpot series.

Electronic table game development is still going strong at Aruze.  On display this year will be the new Big Wheel Premium. Like other G-Station games, Aruze includes player interaction by allowing them to pull the lever that spins the wheel.



G2E booth number: 1850

Crane Payment Innovations (CPI), a leading provider of cash payment solutions, will feature a number of cutting-edge products and systems at G2E, including the recently introduced MEI SCR, a ground-breaking new cash recycling solution that permits facility owners and operators to conveniently and securely accept cash payments from parking, gaming or kiosk patrons.

The SCR is a two-denomination recycler that can collect and dispense cash in a fraction of the time required by traditional cash payment equipment. It also features innovative security features that eliminate the risk of theft, and has a small footprint that can seamlessly be integrated with existing parking access and revenue control equipment.

The SCR’s key features include:

Cash Recycling: Cash that is accepted as payment is recycled by the machine for use as change, reducing the amount of coins in your customer’s pockets.

Customer Convenience: Cash transactions are completed quickly and conveniently, providing an important customer service benefit to parking patrons.

Locked Modules: Locked cash collection modules eliminate the risk of theft. When full, the modules are removed and transported to a counting room, where they can be unlocked and emptied. No one can gain access to the cash without authorization.

Small Footprint: The SCR can easily be incorporated into new or existing access and revenue control equipment.

Low Cost: The SCR is much less expensive to install than traditional cash payment solutions, and internal sensors monitor the volume of cash and notify parking managers when the unit is full, thus eliminating the cost and inconvenience of having staff visit machines daily to collect cash.



G2E booth number: 2844

This has been an exciting year of transformation for Eclipse Gaming.  Their focus during the first half of the year has been to build a solid foundation for the growth and evolution of the company.  In March the company unveiled its new brand which reflects the renewed energy, commitment to our customers and momentum of Eclipse Gaming.

Eclipse has doubled the number of games being released in 2016 and has broadened its product library through dynamic game content, new feature sets and math models—all designed to create the unforgettable entertainment experience players have come to expect.  This strategic direction for products means even stronger performance for customers. 

With the entertainment and comfort of the player in mind, the Starlight Plus cabinet features an enhanced appearance and new ergonomic design.  The improvements include appealing design aesthetics, game controlled emotive lighting, high definition LCD monitors and video toppers, surround sound audio and an updated button panel for improved player comfort.  Eclipse is showcasing all of our new games at G2E on the striking, visually stimulating and ergonomically improved Starlight Plus.

Eclipse will showcase our newest game innovations with a diverse and varied product portfolio at G2E.  This exciting lineup includes new math models and reel configurations including The Jazzy Night and The Witch Hunter, which both feature a 3-4-4-4-3 reel configurations, Sticky Wilds in two unique free spin bonuses and a higher than usual payout in the free spin bonus rounds. Optional mystery progressives are available for both of these games.

Totem Spirits depicts five magnificent spirit animal scatter symbols which award special prizes.  The game awards from five to 50 free spins and features a Triple Progressive. Club Billions, a night-club theme, and Samurai’s Fortune, which showcases the ancient traditions of the Samurai, both feature free spin symbols which boost the player to a higher payout free spin level.

Also included in the booth are Valor & Fortune and Count Your Fortune based upon Eclipse’s wildly successful Wicked Mad Hot, and Elementary My Dear which utilizes the popular Volcano math model. 

A longtime player with a solid customer base in the Washington Class II market, Eclipse is also excited to feature a new series of games for the Washington central determination market.  Many Class II Washington favorites such as Big & Bad, Volcano Shakedown, Big Money, Luna Fantasy and Fire will debut for the Class III market at G2E.

Please discover where innovation and experience align with the new Eclipse Gaming at G2E, booth 2844.



G2E booth number: 1116

Everi is uniquely positioned as the casino industry’s only single source provider to offer a comprehensive products portfolio that powers the casino floor. From popular games and cabinets that resonate with players to efficient payments solutions that streamline business operations, Everi is your one-stop supplier.

Everi will unveil its first licensed games at G2E 2016 with several exciting titles including Penn & Teller, Fruit Ninja and Casablanca that will appeal to a wide variety of slot players. Select licensed themes will be featured on the company’s new Empire MPX premium cabinet, as well as Everi legacy cabinets. Everi will also debut game titles from Dreamworks Classics such as Casper the Friendly Ghost and Underdog that are sure to be crowd pleasers with recognizable characters that are familiar to multiple generations of slot players.

Everi plans to show several new gaming products at G2E including Tower 370, an eye-catching video top box featuring a physical wheel. Tower 370 serves as a hardware upgrade to Everi’s existing High Rise Games Top Box and 7 Spins will be the first Tower 370 game, followed by 9 Diamonds and Jackpot Inferno Fire Spins.

TournEvent 5.0 builds on the cutting edge innovation that has made it the gaming industry’s leading slot tournament system with several upgrades that add even more automated features. TournEvent 5.0 will be shown on Everi’s sophisticated Core HDX cabinet, giving casino operators a new camera, customized TournEvent lighting and a library of high-performing Core HDX games to choose from that will maximize game performance when they are in revenue mode. The updated system also boasts automated wild card and seat helper features that improve slot tournament efficiency for operators.

As the first casino industry supplier to achieve full EMV compliance end-to-end for all its financial offerings, Everi is prepared to help customers seamlessly transition to EMV technology-ready products and systems. G2E attendees can receive demonstrations of Everi’s full-service kiosks, as well as other dynamic payments solutions such as CashClub and Everi Compliance, that come equipped with the latest technology and intuitive features.

Everi Cares Giving Module is one of Everi’s newest payment products to be highlighted at G2E. This innovative program makes social consciousness a priority with meaningful voucher redemption and allows casino patrons to make charitable donations on Everi full-service kiosks. Additionally, Everi Cares Giving Module reduces coin handling on the gaming floor and supports casinos’ existing corporate responsibility programs.

Everi hosts its third annual TournEvent for Charities at 2:00 pm on Tuesday, Sept. 27. The slot tournament will be take place at Everi’s booth, and G2E attendees are encouraged to stop by and cheer on this year’s participating celebrities, who will play on behalf of their favorite charities.

With decades of gaming industry experience and the ability to offer a complete suite of products that positively impact revenue-generating aspects of casino operations, Everi is focused on remaining a viable partner to casinos as the single source provider of games and payments solutions.



G2E booth number: 3659

At G2E 2016, IGT will invite its customers to experience “Innovation at Play.” The company’s dynamic booth will feature hundreds of gaming innovations that will illustrate IGT’s commitment to developing and delivering industry-leading gaming solutions.

IGT’s diverse Premium product lineup will showcase several new licensed brands.  G2E marks the global debut for the CrystalCurve ULTRA cabinet, featuring a curved 32-inch base screen, and a curved 50-inch top screen. One of the first themes featured on the new cabinet will be The Ellen DeGeneres Show Sharing the Love video slots. Packed with humorous voiceovers and original clips, the new title offers three unique bonus features and a built-in camera which integrates images of players during the game.

Highlighting the evolution of the IGT’s  TRUE 3D product line, the company will debut a new theme to the Wheel of Fortune 3D family—Wheel of Fortune Double Times Pay 3x4x5x Pay. In addition, the company’s Jurassic World 3D, ZUMA 3D and Treasures of Olympus will also make their international premiere at G2E. These TRUE 3D titles are set on IGT’s AXXIS 3D cabinet, which features an immersive glasses-free gaming experience.

Building on the momentum of the CrystalDual cabinet, IGT will unveil the CrystalDual+ Stepper hardware solution. The company will introduce new themes such as Top Dollar Premium, and banked slot titles, How to Marry a Millionaire Starring Marilyn Monroe, and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Starring Marilyn Monroe on the new cabinet.

Expanding IGT’s diverse library of Core content, the company will unveil the new Prize Disc game series which includes Elephant King and Spirit of the Wolf video slots on the CrystalDual cabinet.  IGT’s new CrystalSlant cabinet will feature Ocean Magic on the 27-inch top and main screen cabinet, while the 32-inch top screen version will spotlight the Rift Zone game themes which including Rainbow Goddess, Volatile and Glacier Hammer.

IGT continues to enrich its robust stepper game family on the S3000 cabinet and will launch new titles such as It’s Raining Cash, and also celebrate the 25-year anniversary of the highly successful stepper game, Double Diamond. Building off the success of IGT’s industry-leading video poker product portfolio, the company will introduce innovative titles such as Ultimate X Bonus Streak, Multi Race Keno and Super Triple Jackpot.

The company will showcase its diverse portfolio of systems solutions with products such as Cardless Connect, a mobile technology that enables players to connect to a gaming device with their smartphone and seamlessly transfer funds from a mobile gaming wallet. IGT will display intuitive mobile applications such as Mobile Notifier, Floor Manager Mobile and Media Manager 5.0 that empower operators to improve serviceability and personalize the player experience.

IGT will round out its G2E portfolio by featuring a number of specialty gaming products such as electronic table games (ETGs), Class II titles and unique interactive products including its Triple Play offerings and other emerging technology solutions.



G2E booth number: 4047

Incredible Technologies has undergone record growth in 2016 and the company will use the Global Gaming Expo to showcase new products to expand on their momentum.

Contributing to the growth was the completion of the company’s first phase expansion in the Eastern U.S., with products now available in 23 states, numerous tribal jurisdictions and iGaming platforms. 2016 also saw the nationwide rollout of IT’s new premium Infinity product segments, including the award winning Infinity Skybox. Performance numbers for Infinity Skybox titles are reporting a national average of 2.8 times house, with some locations even reporting a four times house average with over 75 days on floor. 

The company is now capitalizing on the incredible performance of Infinity Skybox by expanding the product line with a greater catalog of titles and an innovative, new Super Skybox form factor. Infinity Super Skybox transforms four standard Skybox units into a shared, bank-wide display spanning across each cabinet’s 55-inch vertical monitor to create one unified overhead display—equivalent to a 123-inch screen—leveraging a groundbreaking game-to-game communication and video director technology.  Infinity Super Skybox features high visual impact and a compelling digital attract mode, including an operator adjustable big win leaderboard.

Infinity Super Skybox launches with the Super Sky Wheel game family by expanding IT’s flagship brands—Money Rain Super Sky Wheel and Crazy Money Super Sky Wheel. The Super Sky Wheel game family maintains all of the exciting base gameplay of the original titles, with the addition of an overhead, bank-wide display showcasing two interlocking supersized wheels. Spins on the Super Sky Wheel award credits or one of the five linked progressive awards on the external wheel, with the opportunity to receive additional respins on the internal wheel. 

Additionally, IT will showcase exciting new titles and exclusive game families for the company’s Infinity Link and Infinity Skybox product lines alongside dozens of proven titles within the company’s Infinity U23 core product line, including three titles designed specifically for the high limit room. Exclusive titles are yet to be announced, and will be officially unveiled at G2E 2016.



G2E booth number: 4039

Sometimes revolutionary ideas begin with a simple question: “What if…?” That was how JCM Global began more than 60 years ago, and that spirit of innovation has been driving the company ever since.

It was a simple question of “What if we put a bill validator on [and later inside] a slot machine” that led to a revolution in how players and operators viewed a slot machine, and operator revenue and security increased because of it.

JCM is still asking “what if….”, and the company continues to invest in development of innovative applications for the casino industry to deliver “outside-the-box” solutions for today’s integrated industry and multi-dimensional players. Working in close collaboration with OEMs and system providers, JCM is leading the industry with forward-looking solutions that are better, smarter, faster and more integrated, and go even further to help operators make connections with their customers.

JCM has always worked closely with key stakeholders across the gaming industry, and the company continuously solicits feedback from operators to discover any pain points that arise as the industry evolves. Those close working relationships have led to the development and evolution of products and technologies such as intelligent cash boxes, promotional couponing and complete note scanning, front and back. Now as the content in EGMs and the EGMs themselves are evolving, so is the need to consider ways to generate additional revenue from existing devices and systems.

JCM believes the slot machine can be utilized in new ways to unlock greater value for both the operator and the player. This new “what if…” has sparked a renewed spirit of cooperation between JCM, OEM, CMS providers, operators and jurisdictional regulators. In that cooperative effort, JCM is exploring many new features that take full advantage of the existing CMS’ and EGM’s combined computing power to deliver more options to the player and greater value to the operator.

The goal today for JCM, as it has been since asking that first “what if…” more than 60 years ago is to deliver an ever-greater player experience, while maintaining the highest level of security and accountability for operators and regulators. That spirit of innovation allows JCM to continue to take operators and their players beyond mere transactions, to building strong connections.



G2E booth number: 1154

Last year’s G2E debut of Konami’s Concerto standard upright cabinet was met with strong enthusiasm from casino professionals who witnessed the legacy of high performance and reliability achieved by Podium on a global scale. Concerto has extended this legacy to Konami’s newest games product line, with launch titles like Chili Chili Fire and Dragon’s Law Twin Fever that have eclipsed figures achieved by Podium launch titles when they came to market six years ago.

As momentum continues to grow for Concerto worldwide, Konami is wasting no time in expanding a complete lineup of Concerto video slots. For the first time during G2E 2016, the cabinet’s sleek black look and signature holographic attract lighting feature are taking on diverse forms and functions with Konami’s new Concerto family. Concerto SeleXion, Concerto Slant, Concerto Crescent and Concerto Stack will be added, with clear visual compliment to the standard upright cabinet that is attracting player attention and generating retention at casinos across the globe.

“This year marks a milestone release of product diversity unlike anything before, and because it’s Konami our customers know it’s developed with a quality, performance and flexibility to help them make the most of every available space on their floor,” said Matt Reback, vice president, marketing at Konami. “The core elements of Concerto were designed with the player in mind and engineered to optimize revenue potential. Now, we’re extending those same core Concerto elements to new video formats to allow operators to diversify their casino floor with a robust variety of cabinets and game content.”

Leading efforts across both key areas is the new Concerto SeleXion. After outstanding popularity on Podium, Konami’s SeleXion multi-game now brings one of the industry’s fastest game change speeds to Concerto for the first time. With expanded memory and processing power, up to 10 different KP3 or KP3+ game themes—as well as a standalone progressive—can be featured on a single machine. Beyond its Concerto upright debut, SeleXion will additionally be released on the all-new Concerto Slant. Concerto Slant also carries dual 27-inch HD game screens, with a lower profile and relaxed-angle posture for player comfort and convenience. Concerto Slant supports any KP3+ platform content found on Concerto upright and is also backward compatible with proven KP3 platform titles such as Dragon’s Law, Lotus Land, China Shores and many more.

“One of the most promising trends we discovered after Concerto’s launch, was the exceptionally strong and consistent performance delivered by our new KP3+ games exclusively for Concerto and for backwards-compatible KP3 games on the new cabinet,” Reback, said. “The growing depth of our KP3+ platform library alongside proven KP3 classics has really brought a wealth of possibilities for properties and players.”

Other additions to the Concerto family lineup include two unique single screen cabinets: a curved screen Concerto Crescent machine and a tall Concerto Stack machine. Both feature a stunning 43-inch, vertically-mounted HD monitor that delivers a luxury gaming experience without exceeding the standard upright base size. Several custom game themes will be on display at G2E with exclusive content designed to optimize the extra-tall portrait orientation.



G2E booth number: 1259

As NOVOMATIC continues to gain traction in North America, the company returns to G2E with a host of new cabinets and game mixes ready to excite local players.

The full V.I.P. suite will be previewed in the U.S. for the first time, with a showcase that includes the NOVOSTAR V.I.P. II and V.I.P. III, the NOVOSTAR V.I.P. Royal and V.I.P. Lounge. In addition, the EXECUTIVE SL will be returning to the show and the brand new GAMINATOR Scorpion cabinet will make its U.S. debut.

Following last year’s introduction of the NOVOSTAR V.I.P. II in the U.S., the new range of V.I.P. machines delivers multiple options to create unparalleled very important player experiences on the casino floor. At G2E, NOVOMATIC Americas will shine a spotlight on the “V.I.P. Lounge” immersive entertainment experience. This highly anticipated cabinet provides premium V.I.P. gaming comfort combining sleek ergonomics with mind-blowing HD graphics and sound package. The NOVOSTAR V.I.P. III, which boasts two giant 50-inch screens, and the NOVOSTAR V.I.P. Royal, with a giant curved 65-inch screen, will be rolled out to selected U.S. jurisdictions soon after G2E.

The EXECUTIVE SL multiplayer terminal is built on the huge success of the NOVOSTAR SL1 and heightens the electronic table gaming experience. This leading multiplayer cabinet will be on full display with virtual “Flying” versions of blackjack, roulette, baccarat, SicBo and Poker 3. The dealer-operated Novo TouchBet Live-Roulette, together with the automated Novo Multi-Roulette and Novo Flying Roulette as well as baccarat and blackjack games, will be connected on the terminals to demonstrate Simultaneous Betting functionality live at the show.

Highlighting the NOVOMATIC Americas G2E experience are cutting-edge games, developed specifically for the North American market which include the premiering Tales of Darkness series with four hypnotic themes—Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Break of Dawn and Midnight Heat. An expansive selection of new titles being released for the U.S. will also feature at G2E and include Black Jaguar, Dancing Dragon, Orca, Asian Fortunes, Pure Jewels Extreme and JackPOP!

Popular with operators and players alike, the NOVO LINE Interactive games are now available as JACKPOT EDITION titles for the U.S. and are set to make a standout impression at the show. Players collect extra coins with every spin of the reels until a tray holding them flips over and gives way to the JACKPOT CHANCE, a pick and win feature where players open treasure chests to reveal extra credits or the Jackpot Coin that triggers the JACKPOT GAME.

The World Championship of Slots (WCOS) will be presented on ten industry-leading cabinets at G2E. The television show and innovative casino slot tournament add a never before seen competitive spirit to a casino floor. The compelling “Gamble” feature, and “I’m on TV” factor give players a unique reason to visit their preferred entertainment destination. Operators can create a highly coveted, customized brand experience, entertain thousands of players with competitive qualifying events and award them with epic, life changing prizes—on live TV.



G2E booth number: 1126

The nice thing about being one of the world’s largest slot makers is that there’s always more games to come.  Scientific Games will have more than 100 slot machines on hand for the industry’s premier trade show, along with dozens of other products premiering for the first time publicly. G2E 2016 will host a massive display of products for Scientific Games, including dozens of slot products, new brands and licenses, hardware developments, celebrity appearances, presentations and so much more.

With powerhouse brands Bally, WMS and Shuffle Master, Scientific Games is positioned to deliver an unprecedented variety of quality products that elevate player experiences to new heights with games to give you the thrills that keep you coming back for more, again and again.

Here’s a taste of what’s to come:

The Simpsons—From Springfield to casino floors, it’s the slot machine inspired by the beloved show The Simpsons.

Loaded with favorites from the show, this immersive game puts players right into the world of The Simpsons. Players can prank call Moe’s Tavern, visit Apu at the Quickie Mart or even be Homer Simpson, catching donut sprinkles in a bonus that uses motion capture technology that allows players movements to be mimicked on screen with Homer’s arm and hand.

The Simpsons’ cabinet is on the brand new Gamescape cabinet that utilizes three vivid, high-definition displays angled toward the player, and a 40-inch curved top screen that surrounds the player. Additionally, an ergonomic 10.4-inch tablet button panel integrates gameplay to coordinate graphics across multiple displays. The result is five unique screens that virtually combine to create an expanded platform for stunning graphics and seamless motion, giving the player a taste of Springfield. 

Willy Wonka-World of Wonka—Raise a glass of Fizzy Lifting Drink and toast to the latest slot sensation born from the world of Willy Wonka. Willy Wonka’s World of Wonka is a scumdidilyuptious blend of incredible bonuses unlike any other game before in the series, housed in a splendid cabinet. The Gamescape cabinet features three vivid, high-definition displays that expand the games bonus features extra wide to 24 reels, along with a  mechanical bonus wheel, wide area progressive and vivid sound that brings the World of Wonka to life.

Tree of Wealth—Turns out money does grow on trees. The Fu Babies are back in a new set of games based on Duo Fu Duo Cai series. Tree of Wealth - Jade Eternity and Tree of Wealth-Rich Traditions offer great odds at free games, jackpots and a pick and match feature.

Tree of Wealth-Jade Eternity and Tree of Wealth-Rich Traditions offer the alluring treasures of 12 free games, a jackpot feature and a pick ‘em style bonus in a strikingly designed game from the Duo Fu Duo Cai series. Also enjoy the auspicious Tree of Wealth Feature, where you can pick from 15 scrolls until three match with a corresponding jackpot. sM&M