Everyone remembers their first time on the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) show floor.

For me, that was in 1993 when G2E was still on the horizon and the annual gathering of casino executives and merchants instead went by the name World Gaming Congress & Expo. Other than that, my experience there was the same a newcomer experiences today…a cacophony of images and sounds emanating from hundreds of vendor product booths spread over an immense event space. My advice for G2E tyros: wear comfortable shoes and consider earplugs. 

As confusing as this experience is for the novice attendee, imagine what it is like for first-time vendors who, for the most part, are confined to smaller booths in less-trafficked parts of the show floor where it is hard to stand out and easy to get lost in the shuffle. Casino Journal is here to help with this special section, which will highlight some of these manufacturer newcomers and their products in their own words, gleaned from company websites and the G2E online exhibitor lists.




G2E booth number:6429

AirTec is the U.S. subsidiary of OH International, the distributor of Smoke Free technology cabins from QleanAir Scandinavia. Smoke Free is a unique air purification system used throughout Europe and Asia with recent growth in gaming and resort industries. Smoke Free air purification system creates a completely smoke- and odor-free environment.

Gaming operators can experience cost savings and risk reduction with QleanAir smoking cabins. Thanks to the smoking cabin, major savings can be made when smoke breaks are shortened, use of space is optimized and energy costs are reduced. Also, the risk of cigarette ends starting fires is non-existent with the product’s patented Ash Handling System.




G2E booth number: 6643

In the bowling business, experience is everything. Brunswick Bowling Products has led the global bowling industry for more than 125 years. No other manufacturer can compete with Brunswick’s formidable experience, product functionality and performance, superior value, and long-term return on investment. With products installed in more than 70 percent of the world’s bowling centers, Brunswick is the best-known and most-trusted name in the game.

Whether you are looking to expand the entertainment options at an existing casino or to build a brand new facility, only Brunswick has the experience, willingness, and expertise to offer planning, construction, and financing guidance, plus ongoing business and marketing support.

Brunswick products are specifically designed to drive traffic, increase length of stay, attract group events, and increase sales. Brunswick’s complete line ranges from Sync, the revolutionary new scoring and management system, to reliable GS pinsetters and durable Pro Lane synthetic lanes, to the Center Stage furniture line, featuring the latest styles in bowling center furnishings. No one beats Brunswick for the intelligence, functionality, overall value and service built into every piece of bowling equipment.




G2E booth number: 2413

ElseWhere Computing Technologies (EWC Technologies), is a value add, core OEM provider and integrator of the Intel NUC. The company offer services and solutions for casinos, slot machines, table games, businesses, government, education, healthcare, digital signage, video surveillance, hospitality, fleet vehicles and custom embedded projects. Their products, services, solutions through their dedicated salesforce,field service, direct marketing channels and other promotional materials help make EWC Technologies the best choice for NUC solutions.

The EWC Intel 6th Generation i3 NUC is a small, form factor Intel-based PC. It can hold up to 32GB DDR4 RAM & 1TB SSD. EWC can image any current version of Windows or Linux. EWC Technologies will fully service, support and customize each NUC per request.




G2E booth number: 4305

MGR’s chairs for VLT and casinos are suitable for gaming/video lottery rooms and casinos where the player spends most of their time. Thanks to the study of ergonomics, comfortable cushioning and different chair adjustment mechanisms, MGR can offer customers many comfortable hours of entertainment. The chairs for video lottery and casinos represent a professional product for operators that want to furnish their locale with stylish, custom-designed seats with a special logo or any fabric.

NERONE is an incredible stool designed for dimension and resistance, with a reinforced back making it large and spacious to offer amazing comfort to the player.




G2E booth number: 6043

NEWCHEF Fashion and NCF Designs is a full uniform manufacturing company. They supply uniforms for the food service, hospitality and entertainment industries. The company’s ability to manufacture both domestically and abroad gives customers the latitude to achieve their uniform goals. NCF is a one-stop shop for all uniform needs.

Resort chefs will love the myriad of chef apparel styles available at NEWCHEF. The NEWCHEF branded chef coats offer a classic look or an updated feel for any chef. From a basic chef coat to an executive chef jacket, the company can provide it all as well as customized options.




G2E booth number: 3811

Richmond Hill, Ontario-based Nic & Syd creates custom jewelry and luxury products adorned with Swarovski crystals, allowing casinos to give one-of-a-kind gifts to customers, employees, donors and VIPs. Because Nic & Syd independently design and manufacture all of their products, clients get the legendary quality and prestige that come with Swarovski crystals at a surprisingly affordable price.




G2E booth number: 2911

Nidec Sankyo and partner CardLogix bring sophisticated readers and card solutions to gaming operators for cashless gaming, player tracking, rewards, spending and identity—all with one intelligent player rewards card. Replacing TITO with magstripe, RFID or contact/contactless smart cards is the next logical step in cashless gaming and hospitality.

The ISI221 is a standalone ID reader that captures dual-side images, has OCRrecognition, reads barcodes and magstripe as well as contactless cards making this a perfect desktop solution for any access control application. This product now has Ethernet capability for thin client applications.

M.O.S.T. Card is a microprocessor-based smart card family designed for multifunction or high-security applications. The M.O.S.T. card platform lets you design a smart card system that grows with casino needs, supporting multiple functions, applications and readers—all while maintaining high security.




G2E booth number: 5423

The ability of surveillance cameras to read car license plates has improved by leaps and bounds over the past decade. Surveillance camera suppliers for the gaming industry have responded by adding license plate reading capabilities to existing products and systems. However, a new company has formed and has decided to make license plate reading and analytics its specialty— Portland, Ore.-based OnArrival Surveillance.

According to company press materials, the OnArrival Casino License Plate Recognition System employs Streaming Networks innovative LPR technology to accurately read the license plates of the U.S., Canada and Europe. The system can read misaligned license plates, vertically stacked characters and plates partially hidden by plate frames.

Each vehicle arriving and exiting the property is documented by date, time, overview image and optically recognized license plate. The LPR system can monitor a hot list of up to 10,000,000 entries and send alerts as e-mail or SMS notifications, along with snapshots of the vehicle and its license plate to signal hot plate encounters.

From a data mining perspective, OnArrival’s advanced analytics package allows properties to leverage the surveillance tool to provide valuable statistics to casino operators. Current analytics functions include patron visits, vehicles on property, plate recurrence and origin distribution, to name a few.




G2E booth number: 3211

Founded in 2014, OpenKey offers hotel owners the technology to control keyless guest room access with smartphones. Hotels and guests benefit from OpenKey’s open platform by maximizing administrative efficiency, guest access and existing mobile hotel offerings.

The OpenKey mobile app allows customers to access a hotel room without the hassle of getting a key from the front desk. The OpenKey app can also be used to access common areas and amenities like the fitness centers, pools or club rooms. The app also provides important information such as room number, check-in and out dates and provides a quick customer survey after their stay.

OpenKey’s front desk app is a simple and intuitive web-based interface that allows front desk staff to generate and manage mobile keys. Now it’s a breeze to send your guests alerts and mobile key access prior to their arrival to your hotel.




G2E booth number: 5439

Pandora gives people music and comedy they love anytime, anywhere, through connected devices. Personalized stations launch instantly with the input of a single “seed”—a favorite artist, song, or genre.

Whether focused on their property, entertainment, gaming or a combination of the three, Pandora has helped casinos across the country engage audiences at scale, anytime and anywhere. With over 80M MUV, and 1 billion data points collected daily, Pandora will help properties win with casino enthusiasts through data-driven, attention-based media solutions.

By combining solutions that garnered awareness and conversion with an innovative measurement opportunity, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority was successful in driving additional visitation to Las Vegas. The campaign helped generate a 6 percent lift in visitation among Pandora users, which equates to 152,462 additional visitors to the destination.




G2E booth number: 1830

Slot Constructor is a custom game developer and all-around, casino-style games solutions provider. The company is focused on offering the very best game-related services, from pre-made games to custom development to its robust SDK casino game developers kit. Slot Constructor develops products for Class III, Class II, Nevada Skill, G2S, Online, Mobile, VLT, Progressive Systems and Bonus Systems.

The search to find an action-packed slot game with entertaining twists is over. TheCookie Time slot game combines 5x4 reels with 40 pay lines with a community-based, skill-based progressive system. The combination of proven game elements with unique progressive awards features will offer an unforgettable gaming experience to all players.




G2E booth number: 5234

Over the past 70 years, Southco has transformed and grown through innovation, strategic acquisitions and overseas investments into a global leader in engineered access hardware. The company’s engineered access hardware solutions include key “touch points” such as locks, latches, captive fasteners, hinges, handles and other innovative products.

TheR4-EM electronic rotary latch delivers the convenience of electronic access control with the security of a proven, robust, rotary latch design in a compact package. Push-to-close operation and electronic actuation simplify access across a wide variety of applications.