When it comes to placing a winning bet in Las Vegas, no one does a better job than Station Casinos.

A leading provider of gaming and entertainment is now leading the city’s race and sports book transition from projection technology to fine pitch LED display solutions, first at its Red Rock Resort, and now at its Green Valley Ranch Resort. For both projects, Station turned to NanoLumens for cutting-edge LED visualization solutions to make its Las Vegas race and sports books stand out from the competition.

“Las Vegas is the race and sports book capital of the world, and casinos need to find new ways to set themselves apart from the competition” said Dave Merlino, area director West for NanoLumens. “Replacing antiquated, inferior-performing projection-based solutions with fine pitch LED displays helps casinos attract more gamers looking for a visual experience they can’t find anywhere else. Station Casinos is at the forefront of this transition.  In fact, they’re the first Las Vegas property owner to have fine pixel pitch LED displays in multiple race and sports book locations.”

NanoLumens previously worked with Station Casinos at the Red Rock Race & Sports Book, Merlino explained. Similar to Red Rock, NanoLumens replaced Green Valley Ranch’s previous projection technology, creating a brighter, more inviting atmosphere with five 20.5-foot x11-foot NanoSlim Engage 2.5mm displays.

NanoLumens worked with National Technology Associates (NTA) to complete both installations. “Station Casinos had to make the choice whether to replace the projectors or upgrade the technology altogether at the Green Valley Ranch Book,” said H. Waldman, COO for NTA. “After seeing the increase in business at Red Rock, the company decided that the LED solution was still the best option for Green Valley. Installing the LED technology was the next step in the evolution of their books, and continuing on with the NanoSlim Engage was a no brainer.”

According to Bert Cirincione, director of the race and sports book at Green Valley Ranch Resort, “The new displays really make our guests feel as if they’re right in the middle of the action. The NanoLumens displays have been a great investment for our property.”

Replacing the projectors will save Green Valley Ranch time and money on both maintenance and equipment. According to Waldman, the cost of LED technology is coming down and the lifespan of the technology is long. “With projection, there is the initial cost of the projector, then the expense of the lamps, cleaning and maintenance fees,” he said, “and you should replace projectors roughly every five years.”

 Although the five new NanoSlim Engage displays are only running at 30 percent of their potential brightness, they are recognizably brighter than the dated projectors. Running the displays at this level can greatly extend the lifespan of the technology without hindering the book’s atmosphere. “The projectors were dim and hard to see, so the entire race and sports book was extremely dark,” Merlino said. “With NanoLumens LED technology, it’s a more engaging environment. Since the installation of the new displays, Green Valley Ranch has seen more activity in the book. People want to come and watch the game at the venue because of the quality of the displays.”

Atlanta, Ga.-based NanoLumens creates display visualization solutions that deliver truly immersive customer experiences and great return on investment. For more information, visit: www.NanoLumens.com.