South St, Paul, Minn.-based 2020 Casino Solutions is a Mille Lacs Corporate Ventures-owned company that takes pride in helping their customers reduce costs and increase revenues, better understand player loyalty dynamics and eliminate vendor merry-go-rounds; all while leveraging  their industry expertise and resources.

“Our casino solutions business consults in the areas of player promotions, player communications and new revenue sources,” said Jim Ryan, CEO for 2020 Casino Solutions.

That said, 2020 does more than just consult. Prior to being acquired by the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe, 2020 was on the forefront of mobile sports games and its use as a brand engagement strategy. As a natural extension of that effort, the company developed and began offering EZFantasy, a turn-key daily fantasy sports (DFS) business solution to customize daily fantasy sports platforms.

“2020 Casino Solutions recognized that daily fantasy for casinos is a new revenue stream and growth strategy,” Ryan said. “What we have seen to this point is that daily fantasy sports is a complementary activity to the gaming business. It does not cannibalize the existing business but rather is an extension of and a new activity that both existing and potential new patrons are already involved in. It is easy to play and enhances the enjoyment of cheering for favorite players and teams.”

2020 plans on being in the daily fantasy sports for the long haul, and company executives thought it important the company’s platform address and mitigate some regulator concerns about the business.

“We are a strong advocate for regulation and consumer protection of the fantasy sports industry,” Ryan said. “Our platform was built with the strongest consumer protections of any that we are aware of. We believe that for the fantasy sports business to grow there needs to be a level playing field for the everyday sports fan. What this means is that there cannot be capabilities built into a platform that gives the ‘super’ player a disproportionate advantage over the everyday player. This exists today in most of the current platforms and ultimately puts the regular fan at a huge disadvantage.”

“This has created a large and timely opportunity for casinos to get involved,” Ryan added. “Who better than casinos—a known and trusted entity—to run well-regulated and fair daily fantasy sports games.”

According to the company’s website, the 2020 EZFantasy platform is offered as a revenue share opportunity for interested gaming properties. The product is also white-labeled, and can be branded with casino logos and other imagery, thereby adding marketing potential to the system.

EZFantasy platform also provides customers with:

• A complete, fully-tested, in-market product;

• Minimal development to have their site live;

• Back-end system support;

• Customer service tailored specifically to their site; and

• Custom reporting.

To help level the playing field, 2020 has developed its EZFantasy platform to:

• Not allow CSV uploading or script running for bulk contest entries;

• Lower the max amount of contest entries significantly, which in turn allows more users to win;

• Generate contests with smaller max prize pools, to be more appealing to the average player; and

• Not allow “minnow hunting” by sharks because 2020 disables the ability to see the other user’s stats.

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