According to a press release, this license approval to pursue business in Nevada is perhaps the most significant development in company history. As a casino management system, Table Trac is now among a select few companies that can meet the needs of the many casinos that are licensees in Nevada.  There are over 300 casinos in Nevada, and CasinoTrac, the system powered by Table Trac, is designed to fit ideally into the operating reality and budgets for the majority of these casinos. CasinoTrac is highly scalable, feature packed, operator friendly and backed by a U.S.-based support team.

“It is rewarding to reach this milestone,” said Chad Hoehne, president of Table Trac. “The CasinoTrac system will be available after completing required field trials.”


The Nevada licensure caps two decades of product development and steady growth for Table Trac. In 1994, Hoehne, at the time a financial and inventory systems developer, began to explore the systems used in the booming casino industry. The passage of IGRA saw new casino properties opening across the country and many successful businesses were being created to support them.  “While rudimentary slot accounting and security systems were being employed, I recognized that table game departments were completely void of automated systems for the management of information and player tracking,” Hoehne said.

Six months later, Hoehne had his first tracking product built and started Table Trac Inc. Fast forward 20 years and Table Trac’s systems are currently installed in 80 properties on three continents.


In late 2002, properties using Table Trac’s robust and easy-to-use table games management system started asking for more… they wanted Table Trac to develop a complete end-to-end casino management system that could run the slot floor, accounting, auditing, marketing and players club. In 2004, Hoehne and his development team delivered their first casino management system, branding the product CasinoTrac.

“Our customers identified a need and we delivered a solution that was stable, scalable, compatible and flexible” Hoehne said.

The technology and architecture that drives the system capitalizes on new communications hardware and software technologies which are plentiful, inexpensive and inherently require less hardware to run while allowing for massive amounts of transactional data to be stored and harvested in real time. “We can deliver our clients a rock-solid system for less than what they might pay to upgrade their current casino management system,” said Theresa Birtalan, a senior account manager at Table Trac.

Hoehne didn’t want Table Trac to be a typical casino management systems provider; he wanted to change the way the industry viewed systems companies. “Our goal at Table Trac is simple; we have created a paradigm shift in how a casino management system provider works for its clients and users,” he said. “There is a distinct advantage to being a standalone systems provider versus one that is also a slot manufacturer; this avoids any conflict of interest. We are focused only on one thing…to build the system independent of platform which removes external planned obsolescence.”

Those beliefs have been paying off. More than half of the properties that use Table Trac’s systems have come within the last five years. “While entrenched competitors provided initial barriers to reaching a wider customer base, the awareness of our technology’s ability to compete at every level and providing superior customer service has promoted significant growth in the last five years” said Bob Siqveland, Table Trac’s director of professional services.

The last 18 months have been some of the busiest and most innovative for the company. In 2015 Table Trac delivered the industry’s first capacitive touchscreen device for player engagement at the slot machine. Table Trac also partnered with an industry leader to boost its cash management and table games products. Another company they have partnered  with gives them a complete suite of kiosk and Internet-based marketing solutions.

With their recent approval in Nevada, Table Trac expects the next 18 months to be busy as well.  “We are excited to offer Nevada casinos a robust, scalable, cost effective option in casino management systems,” Hoehne said.

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