And now thanks to Game Show America, casino operators can bring all the excitement of a real TV game show right to their facilities.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary this past May, U.S.-based Game Show America (GSA) is a leading game show production company, having produced game shows in Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and 44 of the 50 states. GSA specializes in the design, creation and production of game shows for corporate events, trade shows, casinos, theme parks and television. The company has game shows for almost every size audience and budget, and can create a game show concept from simple trivia games to a full-sized studio production, according to their website.

When Game Show America was started in 1996 by Owner and CEO Matthew King, the goal was always to be a leader in the game show industry.  Over the past 10 years, GSA emerged as the go-to company for both casino and corporate game shows.  “What started as a company with just four trivia-style games has grown into a game development company with 15 original casino promotions and three stage game shows that have helped our clients make millions,” said King.

Today, GSA has become a one-stop solution, providing everything casinos need to make their event a success. Turnkey productions include: set design, sound, lighting, video, I-MAG, computers, teleprompters, confidence monitors, scripting, event coordination and talent.

The company provides two styles of game shows for casinos—floor promotions, which typically run for 30 days, and stage game shows. GSA personally delivers the floor promotions, sets everything up and trains client promotions staff to operate the promotion.  It provides everything to run a successful promotion including the backup technology… just in case. Meanwhile, the stage game shows can either be done on their own or in conjunction with a floor promotion. “Most of our clients run a floor promotion for 30 days and then have the stage game show as the big finale,” King said.

The current 15 floor promotion games feature a combination of GSA’s classic manual game boards along with their digital promotions. “The hands down favorite is our Bird Bash game,” said King. “It allows up to 10 players with 10 prize levels—and all of the prizing can be customized based on a casino’s budget.” 

Also on GSA’s product list are three stage game shows:  Risks & Rewards, Game Show Extravaganza and Win Some Wheels. Risks & Rewards was the original breakthrough casino game show GSA created in 2006.  It ran for two years at Harrah’s Casino to sold-out audiences, according to King.  “We took it on the road in 2008 and it’s been traveling to casinos around the country ever since,” he said.  “Game Show Extravaganza has been running all summer at Isle Casinos around the country.  Win Some Wheels is our newest game show that is the absolute best way for your casino to give away a car.”


King attributes the ongoing success of GSA to innovative product development and a tried-and-true business strategy that puts customer wants and desires first. “GSA’s goal is simple—we want to bring more players to your casino,” he said. “We do it very well by creating interactive games that we can customize and brand to a casino. They are simple to operate and we work directly with promotions staffs to create the best experience for players. Our stage shows are perfect for VIP events and ticketed entertainment—and some of our clients have brought our shows in for their employee events as well. Our shows can bring 20-30 contestants on stage, with options for the entire audience to win prizes. We design a custom payout matrix based on a property’s prize budget so it knows exactly what the payouts will be for each show. We can run the promotions with GSA’s branding, or what we do in most cases is customize promotions with property branding for seamless integration into marketing plans.”

To keep its business growing and strong, GSA is constantly developing new show content; a task the company considers a pleasure rather than a chore, according to King. “We have an amazing creative team,” he said. “And our development process is so much fun for everyone.  We have brainstorming sessions—complete with index cards, flip charts and computers.  We’ll try dozens of different ideas—most start out as a simple board game, and then as we begin to develop the rules of the game, our programmers step in and start writing the code to make it all work. Most of our promotions are done with computers and video screens—although we do have clients that love the look and feel of some of our more manual game board promotions. We try to add at least one new title per year, but many of our clients have their favorite games that they like to bring back for their players.”

GSA is always working on new promotional games. Moving forward they are expanding into the app and online market with their games, and increasing their international presence. “We just signed an exclusive license agreement for Game Show Extravaganza in Ireland, and are talking with casinos in Canada about licensing some of our games,” King said. “Exciting times are ahead!”

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