Casino Essentials is proud to present the first ever AML Professional Development Program with an option to become certified as a Casino Industry Anti-Money Laundering Subject Matter Expert.  "Our company is well known for customized online training that is specific to casinos, and providing educational seminars and conferences; however, there is a real need for specialized AML training development for casino compliance professionals, gaming regulators and vendors," said Mindy Letourneau, founder and president of Casino Essentials. 

Casino Essentials founded the Institute for Certified Gaming Professionals, also known as ICGIP, that will coordinate casino industry efforts to ensure compliance and operational competencies with subject matters such as Anti-Money Laundering.  "The gaming industry faces unique challenges from an AML perspective," said Jim Dowling, managing director of the Dowling Advisory Group. "This program will help ensure that casino personnel have the core competencies necessary to address these money laundering issues."

According to Mindy Letourneau, "There are AML certification programs that currently exist, but they are focused on other industries such as depository institutions, and the information is not specific to the casino industry." The professional development program will consist of a comprehensive educational curriculum that addresses every fundamental requirement of Title 31 for Casinos. This program will be the first in a series of development programs that will equip even the most seasoned Gaming Professional with the knowledge needed to protect the assets of their organization.