PROFILE: Casino Air Products solutions help terminals operate better, last longer

Las Vegas, Nev.-based Casino Air Products has carved a niche in the gaming industry by providing air filters for a wide variety of electronic slot machines and video lottery terminals.

The company’s primary products are 3M High Air Flow Electrostatic Filters, which have been specially designed to help reduce the amount of certain airborne contaminants such as smoke, dust, dirt, debris and carpet fibers from entering air intakes on devices such as slot machines, vending machines, arcade games, ATMs, kiosks, and computers. According to company technical sheets, a high permanent electrostatic charge on the 3M filter media is the key to the filter performance. The innovative filter design provides the basis for excellent particle capture, or efficiency, while maintaining high airflow. This high charge also helps prevent shedding of collected dirt during use and filter change-out. A lower pressure drop filter may allow the design of an airflow system with a higher flow rate or a reduced blower capacity, the latter resulting in quieter operation.

The 3M High Air Flow Electrostatic Filter System can be installed over most electronic enclosures’ ventilation inlets and filter the air to provide cleaner air to the slot machine. The filter is designed to last up to three months and may have the ability to reduce preventative maintenance (PM) cycles on each slot machine, decrease downtime and keep the glass looking cleaner, and in turn, saving the company time and money.

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Gaming monitors


At the upcoming G2E show in Las Vegas, Quixant will demonstrate its complementary range of gaming monitors which are specifically tuned for the gaming industry.

A variety of high-quality panels with wide viewing angles will be showcased including PCAP touchscreen monitors, LCD button decks and even dual-sided 55-inch monitors. The capabilities of Quixant’s 4K gaming platforms will be shown on Quixant’s 4K monitors and there will be a demonstration of the benefits of utilizing AMD’s Freesync technology on the combination of a Quixant gaming platform and a Quixant monitor.

All products are designed for compliance with the regulatory requirements of all major gaming jurisdictions such as Nevada, GLI-11 etc. Visit for more info.




At G2E, Zytronic will use a 55-inch touchtable to demonstrate ObjectViz—an object-recognition solution developed in partnership with Tangible Display. ObjectViz is based on the attachment of physical markers (Phymarks) to the objects, and does not require modification of the touchtable hardware. Non-conductive objects such as a pen or a bag are ignored. The controller is programmed to recognize only specific Phymarks attached to an object, and respond accordingly. Zytronic sensors are well suited for touch tables, as they combine extreme resistance to severe impact, scratches and liquid spillages, with immunity to accidental touch by a sleeve or glass, incorporating advanced palm-rejection functionality that only reacts to a finger or conductive stylus. Visit for more info.


Surface Capacitive touchscreens


The Surface Capacitive touchscreen from Fantalooks is coated with materials that are highly charged, so it has to be touched by fingernail only for activation, which is different from resistive touch screen which can be activated by finger, a gloved hand, stylus pen or any other objects. Since the capacitive is made of glass with 9H hardness, which makes it extremely durable and scratch resistant, it is not affected by outside elements, has high clarity and is easy to clean.

With these characteristics, Fantalook’s capacitive touch screen is recommended for use in outdoor kiosks, game machines, POS terminals, casino machines and various kinds of industrial devices. Visit for more info.


IDS Series touchscreens


TouchSystems Announces Flagship IDS Series of Touch Screens and All-in-Ones

The TouchSystems’ IDS Series of touchscreens are flagship line of displays that includes a number of all-in-one solutions, ranging from 10 to 42 inches, are bezel-free, offer dual touch and include models ideal for use in desktop, digital signage and customizable open-frame scenarios.

TouchSystems IDS Series touchscreens include: 10.1-inch, 21.5-inch, 32-inch and 42-inch sizes; sleek, stylish bezel-free design; and dual-touch technology. Meanwhile, the TouchSystems IDS Series all-in-ones feature: 21.5-inch, 32-inch and 42-inch sizes; Intel i3 processor standard, optional i5 processors; 4GB memory standard; and 320GB hard drive.
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PROFILE: Flexible screen technology central to Atrient’s PowerKiosk concept

The PowerKiosk from Atrient is an extensible workflow engine designed to provide operators with the ability to reward players in new and exciting ways.  For example, in addition to offering promotions, PowerKiosk can also be used as a self-service tool for account management, allowing guests to spend less time at the player’s club line and more time gaming. 

One of the most powerful and unique features of PowerKiosk over any other industry solution is the scalability and flexibility of the system, according to the company website.  PowerKiosk is designed to allow new and unique promotional rules to be inherited by the system.  PowerKiosk integrates directly to patron management systems developed by Aristocrat, Scientific Games, IGT and Konami. Through Atrient’s professional services team, custom interfaces to other systems can be developed.

The PowerKiosk solution has several modules that are managed through its control panel, which allows operators to easily deploy modules that are most important to them. Through the control panel, operators can quickly update content ensuring current and relevant information is displayed in a consistent and branded manner.  PowerKiosk modules include: promotional games, virtual drawings, account lookup, comp redemption, casino wayfinder and maps, idle screen digital signage and much more. Visit for more info.