Coin-In, Inc. announced that it has launched a social casino platform specifically designed to drive foot traffic into brick-and-mortar casinos. With this platform, Coin-In can rapidly deploy custom, world-class social casino games deeply integrated with a robust loyalty platform to provide continuous engagement away from the casino and drive players back onto the casino floor. The platform keeps casino players connected to their favorite real-world casinos 24/7, anytime and anywhere, via Android, iOS and Facebook.

Over the past year, Coin-In (formerly branded P4RC) has worked exclusively with a prominent casino to build its new platform. During a 90-day casino trial, the casino reported:

- More than a 10% increase in the casino's EBITDA
- 15% year-over-year increase in casino player count
- 100% increase in real-world casino visits for those redeeming a reward
- 196% increase in coin in
- 248% increase in theoretical win
- 286% increase in new player’s club sign-ups
- 150% increase in casino’s e-mail database

“The cost of traditional casino marketing efforts can easily exceed 20% of gaming revenue,” said Jason Seldon, founder of Coin-In. “With our platform, we aim to dramatically increase the efficiency of casino marketing to bring in more players and get them to play more often. Our platform costs a fraction of what is currently being spent by casinos to market to their players, and we have already been proven to deliver a return on investment of more than 400%.”

“Coin-In has found the perfect product-market fit in the casino industry. Whereas our competition focuses on selling digital revenue potential, Coin-In is the only gaming application specifically designed to drive foot traffic into physical casinos," said Michael Rubinelli, CEO of Coin-In. "Our executive team of seasoned veterans in technology and gaming has proven its ability to drive more players to play more often, and we now look forward to rolling out our product into hundreds of casinos nationwide.”

With an easy to demonstrate ROI, the company plans to rapidly expand into brick-and-mortar casinos throughout the US, with a hyper-local strategy that targets users within driving distance of each casino.