Konami Gaming, Inc. announced new interactive data insights and business intelligence features arriving through its award-winning SYNKROS casino management system. Developed seamlessly for the SYNKROS systems environment, SYNKROS Dashboards delivers convenience, accuracy, speed, and usability with insight-driven business analytics across all areas of player activity and operational performance. SYNKROS Dashboards was constructed with an industry-leading intuitive design to offer agile data revelation and dynamic point-and-click interaction for complete analytic control.

“From the ground up, Konami’s SYNKROS Dashboards was developed in close collaboration with Hidden Fruit, LLC by top tenured casino managers and operators who understand the unique business nature of the casino environment,” said Matt Reback, vice president, marketing at Konami. “As someone with operations experience, I immediately saw the value in its ability to give operators a single location to observe, test, and process dozens of graphical indicators addressing all major business areas—slots, tables, marketing, cage, and more.  This tool creates immediate, data-driven insights that put casino operators in the position to make critical decisions that can drive revenues and optimize business spend.”

SYNKROS Dashboards leverages direct source data for optimal speed and accuracy, and deploys it to the industry’s latest and most intuitive visualization tool. Its highly interactive, customizable design delivers actionable information on a moment-by-moment basis, with unique insights across varied levels of detail.

“SYNKROS Dashboards further exemplifies the quality and reliability that SYNKROS is known for, and provides that crucial link between a casino’s core gaming system and performance visualization tool. With this newest SYNKROS enhancement, casino operators are given easy access to a comprehensive view of their business health and immediate opportunities to make informed operational decisions,” said Reback.