Eseye, a leading global cellular machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity provider for IoT devices has announced the launch of its new, revolutionary AnyNet Secure technology; a SIM designed to counter the threat of IoT security breaches and work with both cloud-based and enterprise data management platforms.

With high profile DDoS attacks hitting the top of the news agenda, IoT security is widely recognized as one of the biggest threats to businesses and government, and a major reason why organizations do not embark on M2M or IoT deployments. The new AnyNet Secure multi-IMSI SIM will enable devices to remotely and securely connect and certify, using a managed global network-of-networks. This innovative technology delivers customers an automated solution, which provisions the device and launches it securely onto a network without any physical configuration. No manual passwords or onsite intervention is required and the need for the release of 3rd party security keys to manufacturers is also removed. 

Eseye’s AnyNet Secure technology is the only secured IoT connectivity solution, which is ‘zero touch’ or ‘plug and play’, offering a highly effective and scalable service. As part of these capabilities, the SIM delivers increased efficiency across the business thanks to its simple installation and remote management. Through the multi-IMSI technology embedded within the solution, the SIM allows organizations to deploy anywhere in the world, while maintaining industry leading levels of security.

Julian Hardy, CEO at Eseye, says: “The launch of the AnyNet Secure technology is a landmark moment for Eseye as a business. Eseye is committed to creating and implementing life changing IoT solutions across the globe. AnyNet Secure takes us to the next level of IoT technology, creating an offering, which will enable businesses across all levels of enterprise to connect devices onto a network securely.”

A major benefit to the solution is improved levels of scalability. Julian continues: “Prior to AnyNet Secure, the physical time involved in IoT deployment around the provisioning of devices, and how we get a device on to the network was a daunting task, often to the point of impossible.

AnyNet Secure addresses this issue, offering seamless ‘over-the-air’ connectivity. This technology will ultimately take cost and risk out of M2M IoT deployments for businesses, allowing more products to go to market and succeed.”