Light-emitting diode (LED) technology has long been a superior illumination solution, but when it came to large display needs such as screens and signage, it had one crippling disadvantage—cost.

Today, thanks to technological advances that has made LEDs lighter, brighter, more durable, better defined and, most importantly, much less expensive, the cost to create large format LED-centric displays is significantly lower than just five years ago, explaining the explosion of LED use through multiple industries. Leading the LED display charge in the gaming space in Norcross, Ga.-based NanoLumens, a creator of mass customized, scalable LED display solutions for every size and purpose, both indoor and out, that deliver truly immersive customer experiences and a great return on investment.

“It just got to the point where LED pricing makes it viable for everyone now, whether it is us or anybody in the industry,” said Doug Fundator, vice president of gaming and casinos for NanoLumens. “There is so much business right now for LED companies…it is five times what it was just three years ago.”

NanoLumens has made a name for itself in the gaming space thanks primarily to its line of cutting-edge LED display offerings, particularly for indoor use—
a field in which NanoLumens considers itself an industry pioneer. The company’s roster of indoor LED solutions includes NanoSlim, a display for board rooms, meeting and convention spaces and other areas where clear and up-close viewing is essential; NanoCurve, an innovative curved LED display with a slim profile; NanoWrap, a cylindrical LED signage concept that allows users to “wrap” columns and other architectural objects with 360-degree signage; and NanoClear, a crystal clear, fully-transparent display innovation featuring nano-optical particle diffusion that leverages fully-translucent visualization technology with a thin display to produce a completely see-through solution. All of these products are available in pixel pitches 3mm or higher, are constructed using recycled materials, are low heat and energy efficient.

This concentration on indoor LED solutions does not mean NanoLumens has neglected outdoor display needs. The company offers a number of products for outdoor use including the Outdoor Gallery Series—the world’s first true curved, outdoor LED solution that can be built in any size, shape or curvature in pixel pitches ranging from 4mm to 9mm.

“More than 80 percent of the outdoor LED displays that are installed every year in the U.S. are 10MM pixel pitch or greater, yet NanoLumens primarily sells solutions that feature much smaller and finer pixel pitches,” said Robert Cross, director of research and development for NanoLumens. “The new Outdoor Gallery Series reinforces our ability to exceed industry expectations in every display category by offering outdoor solutions featuring pixel pitches ranging from 4mm to 9mm for close proximity viewing. We are proud to bring this first-of-its-kind solution to market.”

All NanoLumens outdoor and indoor displays accept input from nearly any device or content management system—there is no need for special software, hardware or special personnel to display content. NanoLumens’ patented display technology operates with virtually zero heat or noise while producing bright, rich, consistent color as well as superior off-axis viewing with no color shift or image distortion throughout the display horizon. Additionally, every NanoLumens high-resolution, large-scale visualization solution comes backed by a six year, Nixel to Pixel Warranty. Operators can also take advantage of the NanoLumens ADVANTAGE, a next-generation technology renewal program that makes it possible for a business to finance an entire digital display strategy on a monthly basis, enabling customers to easily add upgrades and additional assets to an existing contract.

“All our products are made in the U.S. as well,” Fundator said. “The six year warranty is also a very big deal—whether you buy one of our display solutions or LED panels by the pound for something you are going to make, we stand behind it for six years. If one dot breaks, we will fix it.”


So far, NanoLumens foray into the gaming space has mostly involved the placement of large-scale LED-based displays and video walls in public spaces. One area of the casino resort the company’s products have been especially welcomed is in the sportsbook. Indeed, when Station Casinos decided to transition from projection technology to fine pitch LED display solutions at its Las Vegas-based properties, it turned to products and systems provided by NanoLumens. At Red Rock Resort, NanoLumens installed three 2.5MM NanoSlim Engage LED visual solutions, creating 1,730 square feet of crystal-clear content for the property’s sportsbook. The new displays, as well as three new 12-inch tall scrolling screens as footers, are the largest ones of their kind ever installed in North America. Positioned in Red Rock’s sportsbook for the future, the solutions allow 4K video content to be viewed in ultra-high definition.

The new digital canvases replace a total of 18 aging video projectors—six per screen—that were costly to operate and maintain, while requiring regular adjustment to the software. Instead, the three NanoLumens solutions offer exponentially brighter pictures at lower operating costs, significantly reducing the sportsbook’s HVAC energy costs. In addition, each visualization solution had to fit exactly into the existing openings where the previous projector-based systems had been; the modular nature of the NanoLumens technology allowed for exactly that.

The NanoLumens Nixels that comprise the walls were simple to install, allowing the walls to be constructed row by row as crews worked behind masking curtains, which meant that the sportsbook was able to operate normally throughout the installation procedure. “Station Casinos’ race and sportsbook executives wanted the sports book’s AV to be superior with the benefits that LED technology brings with it,” Fundator said. “NanoLumens was able to provide exactly that, working closely with the customer and the integrator, we were able to make sure everyone’s expectations were met.”

“The new NanoLumens visualization solutions look fantastic—there’s no separation between Nixels,” said Art Manteris, vice president of race and sportsbook operations for Station Casinos at the time the LED displays were installed. “Now, when you’re watching HD you are not limited by the display, only by the source. This is the kind of investment that will continue to set Red Rock Resort apart.”

Station Casino executives were so pleased with the LED products and installation process that they contracted with NanoLumens for a similar upgrade for its Green Valley Ranch sportsbook, this time with five NanoSlim Engage 2.5mm displays.

“The new displays really make our guests feel as if they’re right in the middle of the action,” said Bert Cirincione, director of the race and sportsbook at Green Valley Ranch Resort. “The NanoLumens displays have been a great investment for our property.”

Other casino properties that have utilized NanoLumens LED displays include WinStar World Casino in Oklahoma, Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino in California and the Scarlet Pearl Casino in Mississippi.

Despite this success, NanoLumens is not resting on its laurels and is pushing forward with a number of new initiatives. On the product front, the company just introduced the world’s first 100 percent front installable and front serviceable 1.25MM Pixel Pitch LED display, featuring new “touch-free” technology that was developed specifically for a U.S. military command and control center. The company has also launched NanoLumens AWARE, a cloud based digital display platform combining real-time diagnostics, media playback, and a variety of internal and third party-developed apps into one integrated system that is accessible through a single portal from anywhere in the world. 

From a gaming strategy standpoint, NanoLumens is looking beyond sportbooks and starting to offer up its display solutions for other areas of the casino such as bingo operations. The company also sees a niche for its products in properties looking to create microspaces and eSports options to attract Millennial clientele.

“Everyone is trying to figure out how to attract the Millennials,” Fundator said. “Visual displays will be a large part of the solution, and we want to be part of that.”