SlotGuru announces that Aspers Casinos will be the first company in the world to deploy its slot database mobile application.

SlotGuru is a new and unique service that provides key information on casino slot games directly to a players’ mobile phone. 

For the first time, players will have immediate access to essential information such as game type, bonus style and number of lines. This also includes the Volatility levels for a growing database of over 2,000 games from multiple manufacturers and will help educate players to easily find games that are best suited to their playing styles.

‘Volatility is a vital metric that seriously impacts the gaming experience of the player’ said Stuart Armstrong, director at SlotGuru. ‘This information has never been widely available to the global player base until now but with SlotGuru on their mobile devices, players will be more empowered than ever to make the best decisions about their game choice.

Specifically aimed at helping players get pertinent information easily and dynamically, SlotGuru will play a significant part in boosting a casino’s engagement with their customers around Responsible Gambling.

‘With this information now available directly to players, not only will they better understand the subtle variances of games, but will be empowered to make responsible decisions in their choice of games’ continued Armstrong. ‘The biggest issue with players making responsible choices is down to the lack of education and information made available to them when selecting a game to play. With SlotGuru, this situation is firmly over. They now have access to all the information they will ever need, directly to their mobile device.

‘At Aspers we are continually looking at how we can effectively inform and educate our players to make the best decisions to optimize their playing experience’ said Mark Beattie, head of electronic gaming at Aspers Casinos. ‘We believe that SlotGuru is a welcome piece of innovation that provides the perfect storm of technology, functionality, and end user benefit that will give our players the power to choose the ideal game time after time.’

SlotGuru is currently being deployed to Aspers casino in the UK and will be formally launched to casinos worldwide in February.