Toshiba Surveillance & IP Video Products Group, a business unit of Toshiba Information Systems, Inc., is delivering advanced networking and viewing capabilities to businesses with a new line of five-megapixel IP dome cameras. The new vandal-resistant IK-WR51A outdoor model and indoor IK-WD51A indoor version are among the industry's first to have "Hallway View," a unique feature that lets the user rotate the camera's perspective 90° to accurately capture narrow vertical areas such as tunnels, staircases, long school hallways, retail aisles or warehouse corridors.

"Every security professional has come across a situation where the area that needs to be monitored is more vertical than horizontal, and the standard camera landscape view will miss critical areas in the field of view," said Greg Hartzell, director of Toshiba surveillance & IP video products group. "Our new cameras give the option of a 90° portrait view so the user can perfectly adapt the video stream to narrow areas without compromising resolution or image quality, while making the most of their bandwidth and storage capabilities."

Both the IK-WR51A and IK-WD51A enhance security, safety and operational strategies with superior features that include: full frame HD video at 30 frames-per-second (2560x1920); Adaptive IR illuminators that automatically adjust LED intensity when objects are near-by to avoid overexposure; and Smart Codec H.265 compression assists in reducing video storage and bandwidth costs, while 4-user multi-streaming optimizes the balance of video quality, storage, and networking requirements.

Thanks to their high resolution, a single IK-WR51A or IK-WD51A will ensure excellent situational awareness of very large areas. Also, the cameras' wide viewing angles and 2.25x optical zoom capability let security professionals see detailed scenes for evidentiary purposes, supporting more efficient investigations. In addition, the 30m range IR illuminators, Day/Night Imaging feature, and True Wide Dynamic Range help in the capture of must-see details in high-contrast or dark lighting environments, so that faces and license plates critical for asset protection are correctly identified on video.

Engineered to meet demanding IK10 and IP66 certifications, the IK-WR51A camera finds its best application in outdoor public spaces, parking lots, alleyways and other areas prone to severe or varying weather conditions as well as tampering or physical attack. The IK-WR51A camera offers a wide range of capabilities that provide a safer and more efficient indoor environment in such places as schools, casinos, retail outlets, airports and businesses.

Both new cameras are ONVIF Profile-G compliant.