The hunt is on in AGS’ new poker derivative game 5 Card PurSUIT. The goal of this exciting new game five-card game is for players to make their highest two-card flush hand against the dealer. If players win the two-card flush hand versus the dealer, their remaining three cards are paid odds based on their three-card poker ranking. An optional Flush Bonus bet also gives players a chance to win when they have at least a three-card flush in their five-card hand. In addition, there’s also an optional Five-Card Bonus bet that’s decided by comparing the player’s five-card hand to a pay table. To begin play, players must make an Ante wager and any of the optional side bets. They are then dealt five cards and must break them down into two hands: a two-card flush hand and a three-card poker hand. The dealer also receives five cards to make his best two-card flush and must qualify with a Jack high flush or better. If the dealer does not qualify, then the Play bet will push and the Ante will be paid even money. Players win odds on the Flush Bonus when at least three cards in their five-card hand are suited. The highest odds are paid for a five-card Royal Flush.