There is an LED and LCD revolution taking place with gaming signage, and YESCO—the Las Vegas-based designer and creator of electronic signage—has positioned itself to better help casino operators reap its rewards.

The company’s custom LED Specialty Lighting Department has grown from a small niche of YESCO’s operations, used mostly for interior signs, to a large and extensive exterior and interior product line, according to press materials. From carefully detailed elements in small interior signs, to skyline-enhancing embellishments on towering high-rise buildings, specialty lighting plays a crucial role in YESCO’s ability to deliver solutions. Thanks to award-winning YESCO designers who combine art with the science of evolving LED technology, YESCO’s Specialty Lighting Department is leading the industry.

The company has also applied its expertise to LCD technology, creating architecturally stunning, interactive sign systems designed to give the info-advertising market a new face. YESCO interactive LCD systems feature the brightest LCD displays for an advanced, energy-efficient design. YESCO also offers a complete line of outdoor LCD displays, featuring solutions designed to be brilliant enough to operate in direct sunlight (4-6 times brighter than conventional LCD systems). YESCO has partnered with the leading best-in-class component suppliers to develop an outdoor sign experience that is beyond any competing technology.

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