Approaching its 20th year in gaming, Raving is expanding its solutions for the gaming industry. With new Raving CEO, Deana Scott, taking over the reins from gaming marketing veteran and Raving President Dennis Conrad, she has already added several new partners to the team.  Deana’s goal is to help casino clients with current challenges as well as develop future opportunities by expanding Raving’s current research, analytics, development and technology services. Deana adds, “Our partners trust they can pick up the phone and get a straight answer tailored to their specific need with no strings attached. That’s who we are, and it’s more important than ever in today’s competitive business climate.” 

Under her leadership, she’ll be building on the customized solutions that Raving has provided for hundreds of gaming organizations worldwide. Raving welcomes its new partners in big data, hospitality, executive placement, mindful leadership, accounting and operational resources. Raving has created a huge following of advocates and fans due to its passion and understanding for the gaming industry and its employees. Raving has trained thousands of casino employees and executives over the last 19 years. Its knowledge and enthusiasm come from choosing partners and employees that have “boots on the ground” experience and believe that casinos offer an “entertainment experience that enriches people’s lives.”

New Raving Partners as of March 2017:

Chris Keenan, Tribal Artist Program and Retail Optimization 
With her vast experience in retail and tribal economic development, Chris can help Raving clients build a new retail enterprise from start to finish, upgrade and improve their current program, or custom build a tribal artist program specific to their needs.        

Brett L. Magnan, Hospitality
Brett was asked to join the Raving hospitality team because of his strong leadership and managerial skills and his wealth of experience operating high-quality hotels, casino resorts, spas and food and beverage facilities. 

Marie Maher, Executive Recruitment
Marie started her own successful executive search firm specializing in gaming, hospitality, and tribal leadership positions. Raving clients benefit from Marie’s experience in gaming as she utilizes that knowledge to find the best fit possible.

Andrea McCurry, Casino Operations and Technology
Andrea helps Raving clients specifically with policy development, Title 31 training, regulatory compliance, floor optimization and much more. Andrea has been key in the restructuring and new business development planning that has reshaped several companies.

Kevin Parker, Casino Operations and Technology
Raving clients will benefit from Kevin’s specialization in slot and table games operations, bingo, technology integration and operational optimization. He has also been a product designer, a facility developer and VP of business development within the casino industry.

Sarah Procopio, Database Analytics
Sarah was selected as part of Raving’s database analytics team for her exceptional analytical, quantitative and problem-solving skills and deep experience in data driven marketing.