Most people probably recognize the Omaha Steaks brand from its thriving mail order and catalog business, which has been in operation since 1952 and, at last count, serves more than three million active customers. 

But for more than 30 years, the Omaha Steaks B2B division has been designing effective corporate programs, with budgets of all sizes, to motivate employees, reward customers and boost sales. The B2B Division is efficient on prompt fulfillment and offers the highest quality products at volume pricing. With various direct shipment and certificate programs the company can also customize a program to meet customers’ needs. Omaha Steaks B2B Division client base is vast and includes financial services, heavy industry, automotive, retailers and…casinos.

Jerry Carnazzo is the B2B outside sales manager for the Omaha Steaks B2B Division, and he recently took some time to converse about the division’s products and programs for the gaming space with Casino Journal Editor Paul Doocey. What follows are some excerpts from that discussion:

Please describe Omaha Steaks… How did the company come about? What products and services does it offer? What markets does it serve?

Carnazzo: Omaha Steaks manufactures markets and distributes a wide variety of premium steaks, red meats, seafood, desserts and other gourmet foods. These products are custom cut and packaged to serve the needs of our various markets. Omaha Steaks is family owned and is celebrating our 100 year anniversary in 2017.

Please describe Omaha Steaks’ B2B division and how it got involved with the gaming industry. What are some of the company’s goals when it comes to the gaming marketplace?

Carnazzo: Omaha Steaks has been working with the gaming industry for many years. The brand name and flexibility of our programs make it a win-win for casinos. The B2B team can help create concepts like a tier gourmet certificate promotion, steak of the month giveaways and VIP cooking events.

Do you target any products/services specifically toward the casino customer? What products/services are proving popular among this group and why?

Carnazzo: We have done gift cards, product certificates, direct shipments and bulk on-site gifts over the years with casino properties. The ones that seem to go extremely well are the product certificates and bulk handouts. The product certificates are completely customizable and allow you to brand them however your marketing team would like. The bulk handouts can include seasoning kits all the way to handing out filet mignon. Omaha Steaks specializes in finding ways to maximize the customer’s budget.

Omaha Steaks offers reward gifts for employees. Have casino operators utilized this service? Do you have some success stories from this segment that you would like the share?

Carnazzo: Yes we offer reward gifts for employees. We have done product certificates and direct shipments to employee’s homes. Casino operators like the product certificates because it allows the employee to pick the product they like and allows them to redeem when the time is right.

Lots of companies offer incentive food products for casino customers and employees. How does Omaha Steaks differentiate itself from these competitors? What sets the company and its offerings apart? 

Carnazzo: Omaha Steaks is a nationally recognized brand that resonates with casino guests across the country. When doing a promotion a casino operator wants to make sure they align with the best brand that will excite their guests and have them coming back for more. You don’t have to explain what Omaha Steaks is; the guests will already be familiar with the brand. And the custom certificate program allows to bill-on-redemption which eliminates the risk of excess purchases.

How does the casino go about deciding what products to add to its lineup/offer customers? What are some recent product introductions and why were they created?

Carnazzo: Every casino operator needs will be different, depending on what property they work at. Omaha Steaks has done everything from VIP gifts to handouts at the door. The first thing an operator needs to figure out is what price point they are trying to stay around. The B2B team created seasoning kits and grill starter kits which are perfect handouts to reward guests, but do not break the budget.

Customer service is important within the casino industry. What is Omaha Steaks doing to improve this experience?

Carnazzo: Omaha Steaks is adding more ways a casino can include their logo on each gift experience. This includes certificates and BBQ rub kits, but also custom redemption websites where a casino logo and video can be displayed. We strive to create a comprehensive gifting experience with the casino top of mind.

Here at Omaha Steaks, we stand behind our products... if you are not absolutely thrilled with your Omaha Steaks product, for any reason at all, we’ll cheerfully replace your purchase. When you order from Omaha Steaks, your satisfaction is always unconditionally guaranteed... so a casino can order with complete confidence that their receiver will have a great experience.

What is Omaha Steaks doing to stay ahead of the technology curve? How are you using technology to improve communications, delivery, operations, etc.?

Carnazzo: Omaha Steaks is always looking to improve our technology with our partners. Omaha Steaks can provide operators with real-time data about certificates as well as tracking for receivers across the country. And our certificate redemption pages offer logo and video options for customization.

ROI is an important metric in the gaming space. How do you explain Omaha Steaks’ ROI to gaming operators?

Carnazzo: Omaha Steaks recently had a property hand out beef jerky to every guest as they came through the door. As the guests built points throughout the day they either received an Omaha Steaks customized branded certificate or a gift card. The casino operator did not know what to expect when she used Omaha Steaks since this was her first promotion with the team. The turnout was double the projection, but Omaha Steaks was able to supply all the guests with their rewards. Omaha Steaks brand is strong and will bring guests back to properties.

Jerry Carnazzo is the B2B outside sales manager for the B2B Division of Omaha Steaks, a Nebraska-based meat company that has a tradition of excellence and reputation for the finest quality gourmet products. He can be reached at