Vinny Gambini, Mona Lisa Vito and Judge Chamberlain Haller are back in Aristocrat’s new My Cousin Vinny video slot game.

My Cousin Vinny is a timeless top box video wheel game. Adding to the fun is the game’s Rapid Roll-up Jackpot$ bonus and Xtra Reel Power configuration. The combination of elements energizes players with strong base game play, a new progressive jackpot concept and a frequent wheel bonus game with large classic win values.

Housed in the big screen experience of Aristocrat’s Arc Double cabinet, My Cousin Vinny perfectly captures the iconic moments of the movie with favorite video clips accompanying big wins and wheel wins.

Whether or not your father was a mechanic, his father was a mechanic, your mother’s father was a mechanic, your three brothers are mechanics or your uncles on your father’s side are mechanics, players will appreciate the fine-tuned mechanics of the Arc Double.

Even better than the film’s metallic mint green convertible is My Cousin Vinny’s start-up progressive jackpot of $500,000! Plus, the game has two standalone progressives with a new Rapid Roll-up Jackpot$ mechanic.

My Cousin Vinny has two easy-to-understand bonuses. First, the wheel contains large value wins, which occur about every 49 plays. Next, the new Rapid Roll-up Jackpot$ feature is different from any mechanic in the market. This linked credit increment gives a true 1-for-1 contribution to the progressive, meaning when the player wins the award, an identical amount is added to the respective jackpot, allowing for a premium jackpot experience.

My Cousin Vinny is a high volatility game with a frequent feature frequency.